Whenever the darkness covers the universe, I will enlighten the path for those who respect Guru and the follows Vedic Traditions – Lord Sri Krishna

“ Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu Guru Devo Maheshwaraha.
Guru Sakshath Parabrahma Thasmai Sri Guruve Namaha.”
The teacher is creator Brahma, he is preserver Vishnu, he is also the destroyer Shiva and he is the source of the absolute. I offer all my efforts to that great teacher.
Yes, ‘Guru’ is a creator of light, he is a preserver of Wisdom and he is the destroyer of darkness. Indeed, how ancient people of India used to worship ‘Guru’ as in the form of ‘God’.
It began as a whisper. Whisper of a knowledge. When entire universe was fleeting to darkness, Lord Shiva transformed his spiritual yoga to the Seven Sages for the well being of entire Universe. And, he became the first Guru of the Universe. On the basis of this day, ancient people started to celebrate to the ‘Gurus’ who led their disciples on the path of enlightenment. It began as a tradition of the India due to it’s spiritual values.
Sanskrith word ‘Guru’ stands on two Dhathu’s ‘Gu’ – Darkness and ‘Ru’ – Who removes Darkness and Guru is the one who removes darkness. Afterwards, ancient Indian began to celebrate is as a day of ‘Vyasa’, author of the epic Mahabharatha, Puranas and who symbolises the ‘Guru-Shishya’ tradition. It’s also believed that ‘Vyasa’ who wrote Brahma-Sutra ended on this Full moon day of Ashad and that’s why. People from Anciet had started to celebrate this day as ‘Vyasa Poornima’.
It’s a beauty of Ancient India where people used to value their culture, religion and the values of Vedas. As we look into the history, Guru poornima was always the biggest celebrations in Indian History. Shivaji, the greatest king of Maratha, disciple of Sri Samartha Ramdas has celebrated this day in order to Unite Entire Hindu againist of Mughals to re-establish the glory of Hinduthwa. Sikhs had celebrated this day to worship ‘Guru Govind Simha’, who sacrificed his life to save Hinduhwa in order to unite the Sikhs all over the world. Buddist had started this celebration on the memory of First Preach of Lord Buddha in Saranath, Uttar Pradesh. And again, Rastriya Swayam Sevak Sangh had started this day to worship ‘Guru Madhav Golavalkar’, first Sarsanghchalak of RSS in order to aware people againist of British and the culture influence a lot on gaining Independence.
And, this day of worshipping ‘Guru’ always enlightened the path of disciples againist evil path of this world. From Spirituality to Wisdom, from wisdom to the revolution and from Revolution to Independence, celebration of this day gave ‘a new birth’ to the disciples who believed in ‘Guru’.
When world became spiritually weak, Shiva evolved to enlighten. When Arjuna failed to do his duty, Sri Krishna guided him. When Hanuman doubted his ability, Lord Sri Rama encouraged him. When the streets filled with blood of Hindus, great leaders born to protect Hinduthwa. When entire India abducted to slavery, Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa motivated his disciples. And whenever, you surrendered to ‘Guru’, he showed a path.
Last Drop :
As we look around, Spiritual Knowledge is fading in the hearts of Youth and they are constantly forgetting their duty. Is it’s possible to regain all the strength once we Indian had on Spiritual Aspects? Is it’s possible to respect our Ancient Traditions by following them to the certain? Is it’s possible to aware present generation to the roots of Vedic Values apart from Educational Ranks? If you did, you’ ll be the ‘Guru’, who enlighten the path to Vedic values. As we say, No one can reach God without a Guru.
“Whenever the darkness covers the universe, I will enlighten the path for those who respect Guru and the follows Vedic Traditions – Lord Sri Krishna’”.

– Sushmitha Saptharshi