Where a party leader defends heinous acts saying “Boys will be boys”, rapes are bound to happen everyday !!

Soon Uttar Pradesh may become a scary name for women. The unending rape incidents in UP has brought apprehensions in the minds of people whether the state has any government body functioning at all…? The latest incident of rape came from Bulandshahr, a city 65 km away from Delhi when a family travelling to Shahjahanpur in a car was stopped by a group of men and robbed, the women and her 14yr old daughter were taken away and gang raped at gun point for 3 hours on the National highway 91.

What is unfortunate is, even when a police station was just 100mts from the place of incident nobody came to the rescue of the ill-fated family. The family approached Mr SHO RS Singh to file a complaint about incident, but the police showed no interest in the matter and even refused to visit the crime scene. UP cops are under fire for failing to take action against the culprits and lack of seriousness in nabbing the dacoits. Following extreme criticism the Akhilesh Yadav Government has ordered the suspension of SHO Ramsen and Kotwali Dehat and demanded the arrest of culprits in 24hrs. But what”™s the root cause for such behaviour by the police?

When a kid makes a mistake, the father in the house should correct him and stop him from making mistakes in future. Not encouraging him and support his mistake. The samajwadi party chief Mulayum Singh Yadav 2yrs back had given a statement following a rape incident in UP “Boys will be boys”. If a three time CM and ruling party leader can make such a statement in public, what is the impact on the minds of criminals, dacoits rapists?? Isn”™t it like giving an open endorsement to rape?!

These dirty mindsets are mainly responsible for fearless attitude of these rapists. Can we expect any change in the system with such governments? Can they be lawmakers of this country? Can we expect our women to be safe? We hear rape news almost every week and that accounts just 2-5% of total rapes and what about those 80% of rape cases that go unreported?

Mr. Akhilesh Yadav suspending police officers or just demanding arrest of culprits for sake of media is not the solution. But punishing the culprits, initiating police reforms and mostly changing the ugly mindset ….which probably should start from your very own house will be an answer to the plight of women in UP.

Aishwarya S