Where will Lord Vishnu’s 10th Avatar take place? Is it true that the Kalki Avatar will take place in a village near Kailash?

According to Hindu philosophy, the world is made up of four main “Yugas” -also known as ages, epochs or cycles of time – each made up of tens of thousands of human years. These 4 yugas are namely:
 Satya Yuga
 Treta Yuga
 Dwapara Yuga
 Kali Yuga (the present world)

The span of each Yuga has also been mentioned in the scriptures:

Kali Yuga is the shortest, with 4, 32,000 human years.

Satya Yuga is four times as long as KaliYuga 4, 32,000 X 4 = 17, 28,000 human years. In this age, there was truth, non-violence and prosperity. All were following the same religion. Humanity was the largest religion. There occurred no natural calamity, all the creatures used to live with the sages.

Treta Yuga is thrice as long as Kali Yuga 4, 32,000 X 3 = 12, 96,000 years. The Second Era. In this era, many emperors gave birth to their empire and conquered the world. People got advancement in occupation like agriculture, labor and mining. Lord Rama was born at the end of this era.

Dwapara Yuga is twice as long as Kali Yuga, 4, 32,000 X 2 = 8, 64,000 years In the third era where the imperial hatred grew and people became enemies of each other. People started waging war in the longing for authority. Many kinds of diseases started spreading in society. Lord Krishna was born at the end of this era.

Kali Yuga = 432,000 human years: fourth and last era. Righteousness will dominate the religion. The untruthful organs over the truth will. There will be unrest, uneasiness and different types of diseases. People will fight among themselves. The injustice and oppression will be at the peak. Then Lord Vishnu will take his tenth embodiment and uplift religion for the upliftment of religion.

Together the four Yuga’s make 43, 20,000 years in one Mahayuga (Chaturyuga).This Mahayug is then repeated for 71 times. Yeah, right.71 times.

According to Puranas, Vishnu’s tenth incarnation will be the Kalki avatar. According to ‘Kalki Purana’, after twelve days of the full moon of Baisakhi at the end of Kali Yuga, Kalki will be born in a place called Shambhala. Kalki is born in the Brahmin family of High Koti named Vishnujsha and Sumita.

In the Puranas, Kalki is shown as a Kshatriya riding on a horse with a sword in his hand. Kalki will be quoted at the end of Kali Yuga and save the world from destruction. Now we have crossed the half-way of Kali Yuga. In the society, misdeeds, injustice, untruths and atrocities are on the peak. In the coming time, religion will suffer its maximum.

According to Bhagwat Purana, Kalki is to be born in a place called Shambhala. But no one knows where this place is? Many people make a lot of wild guesses but they fail in divining the mystery of the Puranas. Shambhala is a mysterious place. In Sanskrit, “Shambhal” means “place of peace” which means that there is complete peace in the place. The mysterious place in Hindus’ Kalachakra system, ‘Vishnu Purana’ and Tibetan Buddhist texts’ Zan-Jung ‘is mentioned.

According to a legend, it is a place where a man with a pure heart, free from ego and hatred can survive. It is a place where love and knowledge are ruled and where people are free from suffering, desire and old age. The same validation is also popular about Mount Kailash. Shambhala is known by many names.

It is also called the forbidden land, the white ocean land, the land of bright souls, the living land of fire and the land of Gods. According to the ancient beliefs, the god dwells in Kailash and Vaikunt. By the Himalayas, the people of earth used to swell. So is that the mystical place where Gods reside?

Shambhala is also called “the land of heaven”. Is it possible that the Shambhala Empire lies under the Kailash Mountain itself? There lies supernatural power and sharpness even today? Could it be possible that God Kalki will take rebirth at this place?

According to beliefs, Vishnu sleeps on Vasuki in the sea, in Vaikunt. Is Shambala the same? Is there a way to reach the city like this heaven in the caves of the Himalayas? It is not possible for a common man to reach Kailash. It is indeed beyond the reach of humans.

Scientists all over the world are engaged in solving this mystery behind Mount Kailash. The answer is likely to be that it is impossible to reach the civilization within the Kailash to save humanity from the human race that it is impossible to reach there.

Can it happen that whenever there occurs a catastrophe on Earth and the overall life span will be destroyed then, will these human beings appear from the mysterious underground places? The catastrophe has been mentioned in the Purana where the whole world will be destroyed due to the terrible catastrophe. It is quite tricky to solve the possibility of the re-creation of living beings on the earth again. These mysteries reside in the mystical places and will remain there forever…