Where are the Great Pakistani Lovers Ramya and Malala Hiding Now??

Not long ago did we see few so called Liberals and Nobel Prize winners give big statement about Pakistan being a very peaceful and loving country.

Suddenly all these preachers have vanished and have nothing to say about Uri attack. Malala yousafzai who won Nobel Prize for Peace, (Although we have no idea what sort of peace as she brought and where) said Indian soldiers should stop the genocide in Kashmir “The Kashmiri people, like people everywhere, deserve their fundamental human rights… They should live free of fear and repression” and added dozens of unarmed protesters have been killed and thousands wounded, including hundreds of people blinded by pump action shotguns used to disperse demonstrators.

Now it”™s time to question this so called peace keeper. Who yesterday entered the Indian Army Headquarters in Uri and Killed our soldiers like COWARDS while they were asleep?? What Fundamental right did Malala say they deserve, Killing ??

On what basis did this immature and irresponsible girl speak that our army killed innocents? Those who throw grenades at our Jawans are innocents? Those who invoke violence in OUR LAND of KASHMIR are peaceful protestors? What Human Violations is Malala talking about, does she know her coward country as killed million of Balochs mercilessly and raped girls of 5yrs of age, Does she know women are being used as sex objects by her Pakistani army??

This lady advises India about Pakistan”™s intention while she herself has fled her country and happily settled in United Kingdom. Next time before you advise India, look at you own country”™s pathetic situation and then worry about others!

Coming to our Heroine the Great RAMYA, who had said Pakistan is No Hell should now introspect as to what blunder she made calling Pakistan a Peaceful Country. Her statement had come immediately after AZADI slogans were raised in a program organized by Amnesty International in Bangalore.

These people who wasted no time in praising and defending Pakistan after Kashmir violence have absolutely nothing to say about the Pakistan organized Terrorist attack in Uri.

Not one condemning statement has come till now. This is the real face of these Pseudo Liberals and hypocrites!

Ms. Ramya, next time think thousand times before you make any statement against our country don”™t speak just for the sake of pleasing you bosses in 10 JP. We may have thousand political issues and differences but when it comes to Nation we are INDIANS FIRST! Don”™t forget you are in a party who is mainly responsible for causing the Kashmir problem. Let your political intention not cross the limit of endangering our National security.

And Dear Malala, You got a Nobel Prize for ACCIDENTLY getting hit by a BULLET, which means your contribution to world peace is BIG ZERO! India has hundreds of BRAVES who at the age of 16 have taken bullet not ACCIDENTLY but BRAVELY and sacrificed their life for this country… And they are our pride! The place PoK your coward army claims belong to the INDIAN TERRITORY, The day is not far that India will get it back with all PRIDE!!!

Aishwarya S