Where’s the Mini-Singapore you promised? This is how Voters in Karnataka grilled the Congress workers for their “Mini- Singapore” promise!

For years, the Congress kept chanting – Gareeb, Gareeb, Gareeb. Congress failed to transform the lives of the poor of India : said PM Narendra Modi.

For years, the Congress kept chanting ‘Gareeb’. However, when a poor mother’s son became PM, they changed their slogan and started chanting ‘farmers’. Congress has its tongue twist in any direction according to circumstances.

The condition of Karnataka Congress right now is same as Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) collapsing batting line up. No one can help them here. Sad to see Rahul Gandhi losing one more state in front of our eyes still we are helpless (or rather we do not wish to help such a traitor party).

Politicians in India cannot have a gala time anymore. Politics is getting tough each day. People are examining and analyzing their leaders in particular. At least two dozen incidents have been reported in the past 10 days where candidates-sitting ministers and opposition candidates – were at the receiving end for failing to provide basic amenities.

“This is a new trend. Voters are doing in the open what they used to think privately or silently,” said Trilochan Sastry, founder-member of National Election Watch.

Voters in Karnataka grilled the Congress workers for their promise of “Mini- Singapore”

Businessman and Congress candidate Ashok Kheny reportedly faced voters’ ire in two villages for not having turned the constituency into ‘Mini-Singapore’, a promise he had made in the last election in Bidar.

Mini Singapore in India? Easy to boast of and Impossible to achieve. Our leaders are chameleon like parasites and will never be capable of the holistic planning. The lakes in Bangalore has become like Effluent treatment plants of Singapore. That is the great work by this Congress government and in this aspect, u can compare with Singapore.

That’s the true spirit of voters. These Congress leaders are surely answerable for their poll promises.
Cities in Karnataka under Siddaramaiah gets twice the average number of Power Cuts (times)/month than all India average Karnataka is one of the most power deficit state of India.

Residents alleged that Labour minister Santosh Lad had failed to set up a gym which he had promised in the last election, and also for the poor roads and infrastructure. The people shouted slogans against him. The minister had to make a quick exit. He is re-contesting from Kalghatagi in Dharwad district on a Congress ticket.

Primary education minister Tanveer Sait’s campaign came to a grinding halt when a Kannada activist, Paramesh, grilled him for failing to provide good roads in Raghavendranagar.

“We have voted for your father and for you too. But why are the roads in the area not repaired? You don’t seem to care.”- Paramesh attacked the minister with his arrow of questions.

“Where were you in the last five years? Why have you remembered us now?”- countered the voters when Congress candidates visited them for campaign. “Voters are asserting their rights and expressing their disenchantment,” says political analyst Muzaffar Assadi.

While Siddaramaiah abandoned Kannadiga’s in his quest for appeasement-based, vote-grabbing politics, the PM Modi government has stood by the people of Karnataka with its participative approach. It is now up to the Kannadiga’s to make a choice for their better survival.

Now, it is your decision to choose a new Karnataka – one free from corruption, free from misgovernance, free from appeasement politics and from Goonda republic is the need of the hour.


Times Of India

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