Whether in power or not, PM Modi always remains down to earth!!! Your respect for PM Modi will double after knowing his attitude towards the opposition leaders

We have always heard our ancestors say…if you cannot afford to do some good to the society, you neither have got the rights to stop someone who’s willing to do it. This saying fits very well with India’s political condition right now.

The man who has given up his personal life, the man who has sacrificed his self-goals for the nation, none of us possess the right to stop him. Dynasty family should back off now, and let the mighty man work for his Mother India. I am sure the nation agrees with me on this note. How many of us know what was PM Modi’s attitude when he stood in the opposition? Did he have the equal amount of respect for his opposition? Well, let me narrate you an incident on how our PM reacted to his opponent before he could be the PM of India:

When Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif had shamelessly called the former Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh, a ‘dehati aurat’ village woman, this is how PM Narendra Modi had reacted to it:

“Hindustan me apne Pradhan Mantri se hum ladhenge, nitiyo par jhagda karenge. Lekin vo 125 crore logon ke desh ke Pradhan Mantri hai. Nawaz Sharif ye aapki kaunsi aukaat hai aap unko dehat aurat kahe.”

We shall fight our PM in our country. We will fight over policies. But he is the PM of 1.25 billion people. Nawaz Sharif, how dare you call him a village woman- this was the reaction of PM Modi, on the insult of the PM from his opposition party!

While PM Narendra Modi looks at India as a whole and raising its stature in the world for the benefit of all of its people, Congress emphasizes religious, caste and regional differences, even if it promotes division and conflict.

PM Narendra Modi gave this statement when the election campaigning was in full swing and political bitterness among the party members was at a high peak. But when it came to nation’s pride and dignity, he gave up with all his political differences and policies and gave back a befitting reply to Nawaz Sharif. The nation had applauded this gesture of PM and raised arms in his respect.

He considers the “Nation above all”. One does not need to talk further after hearing these words from the PM of India himself. This is the difference between PM Modi and any other politician in India right now. His family along with his siblings and mother live the most humble living even after he being the Prime Minister of India. In spite of all this he receives the maximum amount of criticism from the Anti-Modi brigade.Maybe he would be appreciated if too had the agenda of building up Dynasty politics.

Now you would be interested to know the response of Congressmen on this statement. Well, this sounds to be more shocking. How they reacted to this gesture of PM Modi was undigestable. Instead of appreciating the fact that PM Modi defended the former PM of Congress despite being in opposition, this is what Congress said:

“India lives in villages. So what is wrong in Nawaz calling Dr. Singh a ‘Dehati Aurat’. It seems like Mr. Modi doesn’t like dehati aurats.”

Ironically this was said by Salman Khurshid himself who was the MEA then. So basically he defended an insult of the Indian PM of his own party by a Pakistani PM just to criticize PM Modi.

I wouldn’t be wrong if I say a term that, PM Modi stands to be the only leader who has a plan on what to do after winning the elections. The rest just have a “Stop Modi” agenda that’s it. They can hardly think beyond defeating the most promising leader.

Only when one is powerful, people notice him and go against him. The fact that so many including a lot of Bollywood celebrities who had no idea who the President or PM of India was earlier, all know and talk about PM Narendra Modi now. This shows he is the most powerful Man in the country.