While Congress and JDS are fighting for cabinet posts in Karnataka, 10 farmers commit suicide in 2 days!

The Karnataka verdict of the recent assembly elections has created a mess in the state giving opportunity to those people to misuse democracy. It has been 15 days since the verdict was out and still there has been no stable government formed in Karnataka.All those politicians who gave big lectures and slogans during election campaign have absconded and running behind Sonia, Rahul for minister posts.

No body seems to care what is happening in the state and no body is bothered about the plight of people. Kumaraswamy had announced that he will waive off farm loans within 24 hours if he becomes CM. But the moment he took oath he took a big U turn saying he cannot waive off farm loans as he needs Congress permission to do so. This one statement exposed how politicians can change their colours within minutes they get power.

The Congress and JDS are now more interested in grabbing power and ministers posts and they are least bothered to know what is happening in state. Amidst the thug of war between Congress and JDS, 10 farmers have committed suicide in Karnataka in just 2 days.

Yes, the news was reported in a Kannada paper which said that while the politicians are busy appeasing Rahul and Sonia for power, there has been 10 farmer suicide in the state. The suicide has been reported from those place which are JDS bastions in the old Mysore and Ramanagar area which is Kumaraswamy’s constituency. A man called Paregowda (56) from Ramnagar, Kalegowda (60) from Mysore’s K R Nagar, Addapa Amarappa Bhavi (52) from Raichur, Anand Rao (54) from Yadgiri, Basvanthappa (49) from Belagavi, Doddanna (23) from Bellary are those who have ended their lives.

According to the report, these farmers have committed suicide after Kumaraswamy announced that he will not be able to clear farm loans. Those people who were waiting to get relief from government were shattered after Kumarswamy’s statement which has propped them to commit suicide.

It is unfortunate that not one media channel is speaking for these slain farmers and demanding answers from government. These parties which were chanting farmers welfare slogans during elections don’t even remember what they said 20 days back and now are shamelessly running behind power and money.

Kumarswamy and Rahul Gandhi will have to answer the farmers of Karnataka why did they lie during elections to waive off farmers loans. Will Rahul Gandhi who is enjoying his trip in USA take responsibility for the death of these 10 farmers who ended their life because their government failed to keep up their promise? This man who was posing with farmers before elections, but now will he face questions from the same people?

He should be ashamed that he treats Indians like slaves promising them with fake doles and then runs away abroad while our people suffer here. This is what happens if power is given to those who have no accountability!

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