While Congress doesn’t want Ban on Triple Talaq, here a man gives triple talaq to his 19 year old wife, mother to his 11 children

Some human or can I say some of the creatures are stubborn enough to not go by the law and order or even humanity for the sake. They tend to live on their own terms, which happens to be bad for the society and people surrounded by them. One such disturbing law is practiced in Islam since ages and not agreed to get extinct.

Among many such practices that continue to harass women, Triple Talaq is one among them prevailing in the society though banned by Indian Court. While Congress makes every possible attempt to stop this ban, a man identified as Syed Siraj Ahmed from Sitarganj area in Uttarakhand, ended his marriage because the victim opposed to his extramarital affairs!

As Islam permits more than one marriage and a wife has no dignity according to men like these,Syed Siraj Ahmed (the accused) had married “Arjumand Jafri”, a resident of Bahedi in Bareilly, in 1999 after the death of his first wife. He already had eight children from his first marriage and three more were born later from his second wife.

According to reports, there were issues within the family because of Siraj’s extramarital affairs to which his wife objected. He allegedly also was in a physical relationship with his daughter-in-law because of which the couple had frequent squabbles. It has been also said that, Siraj’s children from first marriage sided with him and forced him to assault his wife and finally, the accused gave her triple talaq.

Misery speaks, Arjumand has now been turned out of the house and now has nowhere to go. She had complained against her husband in the local police station. The case comes in the backdrop of Triple Talaq Bill introduction in the Lok Sabha.

Repeated number of attempts have been done in order to stop this custom of Islam, which has continued to be a reason for ruining many lives of innocent women in India, who at the end have nowhere to go. It has been a roller coaster ride for the ones against it and yet people are not willing to give up with the custom at some parts of the country. The Indian law states a jail sentence for 3 years, for whoever practices triple talaq.

While Congress has been repeatedly supporting the practice in order to not upset its vote bank, PM Narendra Modi is the man behind abolishing it. The Bharatiya Janata Party issued a three-line whip to its MP’s instructing them to remain in the Lok Sabha at the time the Bill is introduced.

Source: Timesnow news