While Congress is trying to join parties to win 2019 Lok Sabha elections, BJP is trying to join 1.25 hundred million hearts

Answering back all those targets by the Congress Party, PM Narendra Modi has rightly chosen to answer them back during a video interaction session with the BJP workers. Taking a dig at Congress and it’s leadership, PM Modi claimed that the party has failed to play the role of a good Opposition.

“In last four years, the truth of Congress and its associates have been revealed. Earlier public removed them due to their failure to deliver good governance, inefficiency to take decision and corruption. Now they’ve failed to play the role of opposition,” said the Prime Minister during a video interaction with BJP workers in Jaipur, Nawada, Ghaziabad, Hazaribag and Arunachal West.

It is in rare talks that we get to watch our PM revert back to the allegations of the Opposition parties. Else being on a smarter side, he chooses not to entertain their blame game every now and then. He is India’s most loved PM and his work does the talking unlike the Congress- which only does the talking!

Also pointing out on the factor of Dynasty family, PM Modi made it clear that the Congress has suffered due to focus on a single family and not the entire party. The party has lacked its concentration on the entire nation, but has followed the orders of one Dynasty and works on its instructions, which has basically personal interests behind them.

“I feel pity for Congress workers. The entire party has suffered due to the focus on one family,” said PM Modi.

“They are trying to join parties while we are trying to join 1.25 hundred million hearts. In this nexus, the policy is vague, leadership is delusional and intention corrupt,” he added.

Taking a dig at Congress’ effort to unite the Opposition ahead of 2019 elections, the Prime Minister said, “The grand alliance has no ties. They’re just trying to hide their weaknesses behind few opportunistic persons”. They are purely trying and continuing that they have been doing since decades of rule. The subject of Grand Alliance is being projected and promoted in a huge manner that it ends up being a success, but that’s probably ending up as a failure.

“We’ll never agree to divide the country for the sake of votes.” Also wishing everyone on the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, PM Modi added that good work irks anti-social elements. “We’re facing backlash due to our good work.”

Well, the words from PM Modi seemed to be indeed true. BJP Government under the guidance of PM Modi and his team has been repeatedly facing criticism inspite of good work initiated by them. Since the time, PM has taken oath into his position, he has been constantly into various schemes and Yojana in order to build a better world for the needy and the lower income groups of the society. Unlike, the opposition which is more interested in filling up pockets.

Source: Zee News