While farmers are committing suicide in Karnataka, instead of loan waiver they are getting Bank notice over settling crop loan

Each of us have a fresh memory in mind of the grand alliance when the two parties joined hands (in spite of personal differences) and who’s one and only intention was to keep the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) out of power. Now talking about this unethical alliance, can any of us list down the noble deeds done after it came to power? To make it a bit more precise, let’s just recall what the Karnataka Chief Minister said while presenting the budget.

“I have decided to waive off all defaulted crop loans of the farmers made up to 31 December 2017 in the first stage,” is what CM HD Kumaraswamy stated to the whole of the state and its farmers aspiring from their of CM.

Now the news break reports that the about 20 farmers of Ganajalkhed village belonging to Kalaburagi taluk have been issued notices by the Andhra Bank of the respective city on the 28th of November.They were asked to appear before Permanent Lok Adalat for final disposal of the petition filed by the bank.

As per reports, the farmers had availed crop loans from Andhra Bank in 2011 of about Rs 2 lakh by mortgaging the land. They repaid the loan and again availed fresh loan in 2013. Due to drought in last few years, they could not pay the loan, said Sharanayya Math, a farmer who was issued notice.

“Since a few months, the bank authorities are putting pressure on us by visiting our houses and by calling us to settle the loan,” he added. District Minister Priyank Kharge said he was unaware of the bank giving notices and added that the government will ask the bank to withdraw the notices.

Farmers forced to death in Karnataka.. 

According to the report of News9, a debt-ridden farmer has committed suicide by hanging himself in Bagalkot. The deceased farmer has been identified as Hampanna Hoogar.

Before this incident, a month ago in November a 44 year old sugarcane farmer committed suicide and left a note addressing HD Kumaraswamy. In the note, the farmer identified as Jayakumar held government accountable over mounting debts.

In the month of July, HD Kumaraswamy had announced an Rs. 34,000 crore farm loan waiver in the state budget, to be spread over four years and as many stages as it will cover farmers who had defaulted on loan payments till 31st December 2017. The Janta Dal (Secular) party in its election manifesto had promised to waive off Rs. 53,000 crore of agricultural debt once the party comes into power but in reality, only 800 farmers till date have been benefited from farm loan waivers in Karnataka.

In most of the cases observed, the Karnataka Government has always had a flip of tongue with its time to fulfill promises. Either the amount would change or the promise made to the people will change, and this is what’s happening throughout these days. Compensation promised by the CM of Karnataka never reaches the concerned victims. And there is no one to enquire about it! And this how the Congress- JDs alliance wants to run the Government by killing farmers one after the other?

In November, according to the TOI report, farmers were being issued arrest warrants for not repaying their loans. Many Private Banks have gone to the extent of filing criminal cases against the defaulters on charges of dishonoring post-dated cheques. In Belagavi district, 160 suits were filed and arrest warrants against 62 farmers were issued. Private Banks have even seized the tractor of the farmers.

So what conclusions can you draw from the above incidents and repeated number of suicides in the state? It is quite clear that the Congress- JDs alliance has concluded into a disaster, ending up killing hundreds of farmers in the state. Only a handful of farmers have been benefited by the scheme and what about the rest? They are being forced to kill themselves and the Karnataka Government alone is responsible for these deaths.

Source: Rightlog.in