While liberals want Nobel Peace Prize to Imran Khan, his ex-wife Reham Khan says he regularly makes abusive comments on Hindus

While the Pakistani cheer leaders residing in India are discussing on when and how to give Nobel peace prize to Imran Khan, his ex-wife Reham Khan has revealed some of the dark secrets of him which has created massive embarrassment to the Pakistani Prime Minister.

Today I find a lot of communals–who claim themselves as peace-lovers–trolling PM Modi. They say that PM Modi is a war mongerer and creates communal tensions in India but Imran Khan loves people from all religions.

His ex-wife Reham Khan has said that Imran Khan not just hated the minorities of Pakistan (Hindus, Christians etc) but abused them regularly when he was with his family. When Imran Khan discovered that his wife was not a sadist like him, he even started to torture her.

Expressing the pain and suffering she underwent at his hands, Reham Khan said “It is unthinkable in my household to use derogatory words for individuals of other racial or religious origin. Imagine my horror when Imran would routinely use words for Christians and Hindus at the dinner table which my children had never even heard. Imran derived great pleasure from torturing me once he discovered my discomfort. He joked about how he was in the middle of typing the derogatory term during the dharna on the Minority Day when he was called to give his speech”.

She added “In Pakistan, the Kashmir issue gives politicians ample ammunition to drive up the anti-Hindu agenda. This isn’t good for regional peace and is very disturbing for us as we have a sizeable Hindu community in Sindh and a sprinkling elsewhere. Children like me, raised in the jihad environment of the Zia era, were encouraged via school textbooks and old uncles like Imran to hate everything Indian.

You can read her entire article on First Post

Hansika Raj