While Mamata Banerjee says BJP’s Rath Yatra is Ravan Yatra, Survey predicts BJP will make huge gains in West Bengal in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections

If there is any state in India where the Indian Constitutional values are ignored, then its West Bengal. If there is any state in India where the democracy is under threat, its West Bengal. If there is any state in India where the illegal immigrants are conferred with Indian identity cards, its West Bengal. But Mamata Banerjee the chief minister of West Bengal, instead of improving the situation in her state, has poked her nose in almost all the matters.

Now she has said that BJP’s Rath Yatra is not but Ravan yatra. She says “A political party seems to be very excited about holding some yatras in Bengal, and are calling it ratha yatra. But this is actually Ravan yatra. A yatra that spreads communal hatred cannot be ratha yatra. So, I have instructed all TMC leaders and workers not to clash with them or stop them. But we will sanctify all such roads and keep our land pavitra. We will take out shanti yatra and ekta yatra in every block and every district a day after the Ravan yatra”. Note that the one month long Rath Yatra of the BJP would start from 4th of December.

Saffron Waves will be seen in West Bengal, says Opinion Poll!

While the political analysts predicted that this statement was made by Mamata Banerjee due to the fear of BJP, a survey has predicted that BJP is going to make immense gains in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in West Bengal.

Not just the seat share but even the vote percentage that BJP is going is capture is going to increase according to the survey. The IndiaTV-CNX Opinion Poll for 2019 Lok Sabha elections says that  Mamata Banerjee’s Trinamool Congress might win 27 seats, whereas the BJP may get eight seats out 42 Lok Sabha seats.

Coming to the percentage of votes, TMC’s voter share will come down to 36.2 per cent in 2019 from 39.79 per cent in 2014. Whereas the saffron party will display a spectacular show by increasing its vote share 17.02 per cent in 2014 to 27.77 per cent in 2019.

Yes, BJP would increase its vote share by almost 60 percent. This means that there won’t be a surprise if the BJP crosses even the 20 seat benchmark which is set by BJP president Amit Shah to the party leaders in the state of West Bengal.

Due to the going prominence of the saffron party in West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee had even gone soft in her anti-Hindu diktats in the last couple of months as she tried to be lenient on the Durga Pooja pendals with her freebies.


Source: India TV News

Hansika Raj