While Pakistan burnt bodies of terrorists and dumped them in river, check how many terrorists were killed in Balakot Air Strike

Earlier the satellite images had proved that the Air Strike carried out by the Indian Air Force on Balakot terror camps had indeed inflicted severe damage on the Pakistan sponsored terrorists. Yet the stake holders in grand alliance didn’t believe because they only believe at the words of Congress party.

Now another evidence had been surfaced, that too from Pakistan. Yes, a  secret source has revealed exactly how Pakistan attempted to cover-up the IAF’s strike that took place on February 26th. The source from Pakistan revealed that ISI and Pakistan Armed Force not just got rattled by the attack by Indian Air Force, but made all attempts to hide the attack.

The source revealed that over a dozen top terrorist commanders were eliminated in the air strike. Later on Pakistan threw the body of terrorists in lakes so that the media in Pakistan won’t come know. Few other dead terrorists were burnt down.

Speaking on what exactly the Pakistan did after the attack, the secret source said “The total number of terrorists killed is still not known. But the Pakistani army has surrounded the entire area in Balakot. They are thrashing and brutalising people. They are snatching their mobile phones. They have even shut down internet services in the area so that people do not circulate information, videos and pictures. But the scene at that moment was very disturbing because they were not even providing basic medical care to the injured at that moment. Those injured were screaming for help. But the (Pakistani) Army was so inhuman and they did not even allow doctors to go there. They burnt most of the bodies, most of them”.

Few of the Indians said that there was not even a single casualty, but the secret source revealed the names of the top commanders who were killed in the attack. He said “Mainshah Abdar Zak, Lahore’s Major Retd Havar Rana, Altaf Ali Chaudhary from Karachi, Mudassar Ali from Rawalpindi, Ustad Mohsin from Bahawalpur, Datta Khel’s Tafail Dost. Two brothers from Dhannu Ali Khatak and Bahadur Khatak. They were two brothers who have been killed. A top commander of Jaish from Gujranwala has been killed. He was a crucial Jaish leader. Software expert Rana Mohsin Ali, Mianwali’s Tafiq Umar, Moin Ali, Sardar Suhail, Dera Ghazi Khan’s Capt Retd Mushtaq, Mandi Bawaldeen’s Sheheryaar Deen, a special video editor from model town in Karachi’s Tahir Ali Sheikh. An IED expert from Dera Ismail Khan called ‘Engineer Rana’. I have only named a few of them till now.These are the names I am aware of. These are the name I have details about”.

It was also said that 263 terrorists had assembled in the Balakot terror camps before the strike had taken place. Times Now in its report revealed “As per details available, the presence of 263 terrorists at the JeM camp was established by Indian intelligence agencies. The top leadership of the JeM had assembled at the Balakot facility in the run-up to several terror training courses that were due to start on February 25”.

Hansika Raj


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