While PM Modi says Nation comes first, Congress leader says “India is obliged to the Gandhis”

India is such an incredible nation that it belongs to each and every individual living here. But few are claiming that India belongs to one and only one family and that is the Gandhi family. In a shocking incident, Congress leader PC Chacko said “PM Modi holds a negative opinion about the first family of India. What did India have when it got Independence? Nothing, India is now a space power because of Nehru”.

He further displayed his sycophancy to the dynasty by stating “Everything the country has achieved, the White Revolution, the Green revolution was achieved due to Jawaharlal Nehru’s planning and initiatives. India is now self-sustaining because of Nehru and the first family’s contribution. India is obliged to them”.

The Congress leader who is trying to prove his loyalty to the Gandhi family doesn’t even know the fact that India is not a nation that took birth after Nehru became India’s Prime Minister. It didn’t see growth after Indira Gandhi became the Prime Minister. But the sycophants like PC Chacko thinks that India was built by the Gandhi dynasty.

This kind of incidents was regularly made by the Congress leaders even in the past. Earlier RVS Mani, former under-secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs claimed that “Kamal Nath said people are willing to drink Rahul Gandhi’s urine’ while asking him to concoct Hindu terror”.

Even Shashi Tharoor had said that today PM Modi is India’s Prime Minister due to Nehru. He stated, “If today we have a chai wala as Prime Minister, it is because Nehru created the institutional structures through which any Indian can aspire to rise to the highest office of the land”.

This mindset is really dangerous to the democracy of India and spoils the spirit. Even if a person achieves success due to his/her dedication and hardwork, the Congress leaders credit Nehru.


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