While Radicals in India have forgotten the Unsung heroes of World War-I, French Government allots land in memory of those Indian soldiers!!

In an amazing gesture towards paying tribute to those selfless Soldiers who lost their lives in the 1st World war, the French Government has allotted nearly “15000 Square meters land”, with an intention to pay homage to the Indian Soldiers by installing a “12-Ton Bronze statue” in memory of Unsung Indian Soldiers!!

This 15000 square meter land has been given to Interfaith Shaheedi Commemoration Association (IFSCA) in order to fulfil the purpose of installing the Bronze Statue. It is also reported that the Mayor of Richebourg City, Guy Warein had extended every possible support to IFSCA for this unusual project dedicated to Indian Soldiers!!

French Govt allots land for installing a statue in memory of Indian soldiers martyred in World War 1st.

Whereas in India, Radicals damaged the Amar Jawan Jyoti memorial outside Azad Maidan in 2012, which was dedicated to the fighters of the 1857, 1st Indian Freedom Struggle.

These words came from the President of IFSCA, Ramesh Chander Vohra while he reported that, “The French Authorities had rendered their support by allocating nearly 15000 Square meters land, which is adjacent Neuve Chapelle Memorial, on the outskirts of Richebourg city which is about 245 Kilometers from Paris. This land has been allotted for installing the statue to remind the world about the unprecedented valour of Indian soldiers”.

“Presently the statue is under final stages of Construction at Haridwar and is likely to reach France by October following which it will be installed in November”, he added.

Further talking about the Statue, the 12-Ton Brass statue measures about 3.8 x 12 meter. This statue will be marked as “First ever statue in the world” that would depict Indian Soldiers from all faiths on a Single platform out of India.

Another interesting fact about IFSCA is that , it would install miniature versions of the proposed statue at the entrance of all the 82 cemeteries of Indian Soldiers in France. They are also getting oil paintings prepared from different parts of world depicting scenes of Indian soldiers involved during the 1st World War.

“We will also release a book titled “Unsung Indian Heroes of World War-1″. And the paintings dedicated to them are being prepared from Japan, Vietnam India and other countries for exhibitions”, told Vohra.

It is indeed amazing that this IFSC Association from France has taken this initiative to pay homage to all those thousands of Unsung heroes who fought for people unknown to them and sacrificed their lives selflessly. PM Narendra Modi had also visited the Indian memorial at Neuve- Chapelle in France for the first time. Though it is sad that the memorial hasn’t received the amount of recognition it deserved.

Source: Times of India

Times of India