While Rahul Gandhi thinks “lack of jobs lead to ISIS formation”, a 17 year old student in J&K joins ISIS

Few of the students truly defy logic. Few fail in exams even after their parents provided them with all the facilities and few others excel even though they don’t have access to even the basic facilities due to poverty. But then comes a special breed of students who join terrorism.

These special breed of students join terrorism either by dropping out from studies or after completing it. A similar kind of incident has taken place in Kashmir where a student named Ahtesham Bilal Sofi who went missing last week has joined a terror outfit in Jammu and Kashmir.

And this has been found out after he was seen with ISIS flag on his Facebook post. In the post 17 year old Ahtesham Bilal Sofi is seen in a black attire and headgear standing next to the ISIS flag and announced that he has joined ISIS.

On October 28th Ahtesham Bilal Sofi who was a first year graduation student at Greater Noida’s Sharda University went missing after he left the university with official permission to go to Delhi. But the university registered a ‘missing persons’ complaint with the police in Greater Noida after he didn’t turn up.

“Ahtesham’s last known location was Srinagar from where he talked to his father at 4:30 pm on Monday, October 29. His phone has been switched off since then” said Arvind Pathak, who is  the Station House Officer of Greater Noida’s Knowledge Park police station. Inspector General, ATS, Asim Arun said “We are in touch with the Jammu and Kashmir police. We are tracking him”.

An official of the university said “On October 28, the student took permission in the morning to go to Delhi. But when he did not return till the next morning, university officials contacted his father in Srinagar. Around 4:30 pm on Monday, Ahtesham spoke to his father and told him that he was in a Delhi Metro train, going back to the university. His calls were being tracked, and from his location and call details, it was clear that he was in Kashmir at the time, but was lying to his father”.

At this moment, we need to recall Rahul Gandhi saying ISIS has a vision and lack of jobs lead to ISIS formation. He had even said “There are a couple of potential visions out there. There is an American vision. There is a European vision. There is a Chinese vision. There is an Indian vision. There is an Islamic State vision. I mean, there are a bunch of visions that are competing”.


Hansika Raj