While Rahul Gandhi was saying “India is Intolerant” in Dubai, his own men showed their peace-loving nature by vandalizing a theatre

In Indian Rahul Gandhi’s rallies are either vacant or the crowd will be purchased using money power. On 11th January Rahul Gandhi had held a rally (election rally) in Dubai and as expected the people were forced to attend the rallies. Few even said that students of certain schools were asked to attend the 48 year old youth icon’s rallies.

Due to the past visits, PM Modi had showed that India is travelling well ahead in the path of development. But Rahul Gandhi in his speech totally insulted India and this has embarrassed every Indian who was present in his rally.

Rahul Gandhi called India intolerant and said “The values that bring together the people of UAE and India are humility and tolerance; tolerance for different ideas, religions and communities. I’m sad to say that back home it is four and a half years of intolerance”.

So he said that since PM Modi came to power there was lot of intolerance. Now let me expose how Rahul Gandhi’s men exhibited intolerance when their chief was roaming in Dubai, degrading India.

Right from the release of the trailer of the Bollywood film “The Accidental Prime Minister”, the Congress party was deeply irritated and angered. They had even threatened to disrupt the show of the film. As threatened, the Congress workers interrupted at a multiplex in a posh Kolkata mall on 11th February and forced to stop the screening of the film and also vandalized the theatre.

The Congress workers threatened the viewers to immediately leave the auditorium and even tore the screen. So Rahul Gandhi was right. India is getting intolerant and this was due to his own men. “We have stopped the screening here. We will not allow the film to be screened anywhere” said Congress leader Rakesh Singh and showed his level of intolerance.

Now does Rahul Gandhi have any moral rights to say India is intolerant?

Hansika Raj