While Shashi Tharoor confessed “Congress = Dynasty”, Lok Sabha speaker Sumitra Mahajan says Rahul Gandhi cannot handle politics alone

In what is called as an insult to millions of Congress supporters, the senior Congress leader Shashi Tharoor has reiterated that only and only the members of the Gandhi dynasty will be able to lead the Congress party. By this, it is official that no matter how hard working and loyal the Congress Karyakartas might be, but only only the corrupt Gandhis can rule the party.

This he said after the official induction of Priyanka Vadra Gandhi into the party. By this, we can predict who will be ruling the Congress party after 30 years. Even in the coming years if Rahul Gandhi remains an unmarried youth icon, the children of Priyanka Vadra might decorate the president post of Congress party.

In a shameful admission, Shashi Tharoor said “Now it so happens in the Congress, the DNA of the party is inextricably linked to that of the Gandhi family. If tomorrow there was a free and fair election pitting our present Congress president against anyone you could care to name from the Congress party I assure you he would win the election hands down amongst Congress workers”

The internal sources have said that Priyanka was brought into politics against the wish of Rahul Gandhi. Yes, he thinks that there is every chance of her sidelining him in the future. Even the Congress supporters feel the same.

What was even more embarrassing for Rahul Gandhi was that the Lok Sabha speaker Sumitra Mahajan confessed Rahul Gandhi has totally failed to lead the Congress party. She said “As far as Priyanka ji is concerned, she is a good woman, but the thing is, Rahul ji has in a way accepted that he cannot handle politics alone, he has realised that. It is a big thing that he has realised it now, and that is why he has brought in Priyanka ji for help, so it is a good thing”.

Hansika Raj