Who are conspiring against India? After reading this, you will realise that India will be ruined if we don’t support PM Modi

Electronic and Print media is called the fourth pillar of democracy. In our country the Ecosystem is filled with intellectuals or people who consider themselves so.  For them, their own thoughts and rights are more important than the interests of the Nation at large. This makes us ponder over the question – Who are the real Rationalists, Progressives, Intellectuals?

In the western world, those who fight for the Unity and Integrity of the Nation, those who provide inputs and suggestions to the overall development of the Nation, and those who fight for social equality and stand with the International policies of the Nation are considered Rationalists. A rationalist must be a NATIONALST first and shouldn’t be an internationalist, if at all he wants to have a say about the country of his citizenship.

What’s happening in our country? Those who abuse, makes fun of the HINDU religion and its followers and the core culture under the pretext of Freedom of Expression are considered as RATIONALISTS. They join hands with International Agencies and abuse the country’s own religion and the democratically elected leaders with all possible false allegations using filthy language.

They hurt the feelings of millions getting sadistic pleasure out of it. They support the enemy nations by supporting their policies even though it’s against the interests of their own country. Yet they are provided major space in the country’s main stream media. Whom to blame for this state of affairs? The Private media? Or we the viewers? who increase the TRP of these channels unknowingly. If anyone tries to point out their Internationalism (Not Anti Nationalism) they are branded as INTOLERANT.

In carrying out this propaganda, they are supported by their mentors in other countries making it an International issue. They end up calling a popularly elected government ‘Communal ‘or in recent days they even dared to call it ‘Extreme Nationalism’. Whenever their wish isn’t fulfilled or their type of ideology is in danger, they call it ‘MURDER OF DEMOCRACY.’

Previous governments in India have succumbed to their pressure and withdrawn many educational, social and cultural reform/developmental/orientation programs. In short, these groups were rewarded by the government under different pretexts to get their support. Perhaps, it’s for the same reason that their overseas masters too support them. Is it a conspiracy to keep the under developed nations undeveloped?

They used the corrupt system and controlled the administration of the whole nation. They even played vital role in the appointment to key positions like the Central ministers. But after Mr.Narendra Modi took over in 2014 as the PM, these elements are having a tough time. Even though it cost Mr Modi dearly  in  the  Bihar assembly elections, his stringent actions against the corrupt and their money bags has made them to realise the ‘reality’ and their actual place in the society.

They have been trying all possible ways to defame the nation and its policies by internationalising stray incidents and projecting them as organised crime thereby linking them to the Prime Minister of India. But the social media has failed them completely. Once again it has happened. An attempt was made to use the recent death of Mrs. Gauri Lankesh to blame the central government and its associates. But, when some Nationalist channels and the active social media warriors tried to counter them they realised their end is nearing and learnt how to be RATIONAL.  They have lost their popularity and lost the elections in many states. Now they are limited to Delhi’s Lutyens area. Let’s support the Nationalist Media and eradicate these lazy (easy?) bread earners.

They have contaminated the atmosphere in the Universities. They support footloose behaviour of the teenagers attracting most of the youth. This would lead to valueless and cultureless life without any morality  aimed at easy and fast money. They will label it as individual freedom.  Those who Restrict or correct them are again branded as extremists or fundamentalists. Unrestricted access to whatever their body (Head to toe) craves for is freedom according to them.

To suppress a majoritarian opinion or selection, they seek the help of separatists, criminals and even terrorists.  Few Human Rights agencies become their tools.

Their thought of communalism is restricted to a particular community. There are instances of them sharing the Dais with the extremist elements which are now on the verge of getting banned. Media, which is supposed to be an ambassador of our culture, is busy in destroying it. Any reminders or requests to uplift our ancient culture which indeed existed in many corners of the world even in Christian religion(era?)  sounds Unprogressive for them. To counter it, they come out with excuses like Women empowerment, Equality, Blind beliefs and casteism which existed long back in the economically unequal society.

Developmental lapses which are supposed to be highlighted by the media have taken a back seat because of the craze for BREAKING NEWS. To top it all, there is an extremist group sharing the same ideology which was once found receiving financial support from the ISI through the recently banned HABIB BANK. What makes them to hate our culture? Is it because of the restrictions on the carnal desires? Systematic tough life? Live n let live policy? They talk of Godse but are not interested in the Gandhian Ram Rajya

Today they are definitely not following Lenin or Marks. They are mere pressure groups with selfish motives hiding behind the facade of rationalists. They talk against the security forces, they kill or attack the forces, and they damage the infrastructure. States which were ruled by them for decades are still deprived of the basic amenities. They wait for an opportunity to abuse the ‘Right’ ideology and raise their fund from their sources. Most of them hardly work or carry any kind if business. Some of them do roll calls using their pamphlets to earn their livelihood. In the recent days, we have seen a leader born out of a campus overnight calling himself the Son of a Poor Farmer but travelling only by Air.

Our national anthem describes the beauty and fragrance of our land. Which only moulded in its family life and sacrificial behaviour. Their greedy “grasp maximum” thinking doesn’t suit to this soil. ? May be that’s why a fraction of them are hiding in the Jungles. As rightly said they are LEFT. Very few of us use left hand which is not strong too. Let’s strengthen our RIGHT hand and use it rightly always.

Only in the Underworld they oppose reforms. They fear the leak of secrets and kill old mates in case they try to leave them. But why the same culture here? Why do they kill their own mentors? What’s stopping them from getting reformed? Is there any loss in doing so? Is it a business? SIT formed by the Karnataka government can only answer these questions if they investigate the matter thoroughly.

Mahesh Thuppekal