Who are the people who want to ban the EVMs in 2019? What will India get if EVMs are banned?

Whenever BJP wins the elections with thumping majority, there will be statements that claim BJP has hacked the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) and due to this, the democracy is under threat. But when the Election Commission (EC) makes an attempt to restore trust in democracy by holding an event to hack the “tamper proof” EVMs, none of the people who earlier claimed that EVMs were hacked didn’t even attend the event.

Whenever the BJP has lost the election or failed to form a government in a particular state, the same people who didn’t trust in the EVMs start hailing the EVMs and also claim that the democracy has won. This is the beauty of democracy. Here, one can spread fake news and yet claim that they are secular party and abide by the rules of the constitution.

But the people who claimed that EVMs were rigged, never urged for a re-election. This itself exposes that the people who claimed EVMs were hacked by the BJP, just wanted reasons to hide their defeat.

Every now and then we hear Rahul Gandhi shouting that he needs ballot paper and not EVMs. It’s like a person wants to ban cell phones just because he hasn’t got any good news since he purchased his phone. This shows his mentality; he wants India to travel back to the 90s and doesn’t want the nation to digitize.

Months ago, when preparation was going on for the Karnataka elections, the then Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee president G Parameshwara, who is not the Deputy CM of the state, had said “I am going to give a representation to the Election Commission that the Karnataka elections should be held with the paper ballot and not EVMs. This has to be discussed within our party and at the national level, but I firmly believe, as the KPCC president, that this is necessary. I strongly suspect that the 2014 elections were manipulated and Uttar Pradesh also”.

He further made a hilarious remark on EVMs by saying “I think it is a clever move that they didn’t bother to do it in Punjab, as it is not BJP only the Akali Dal. Goa was a small state, it didn’t matter, Bihar they were not coming to power as a single party. Is suspect they thought UP decides Indian polity, why not do it? I don’t have any proof, but I suspect this will happen in Gujarat and Karnataka also”.

During Karnataka election polling date, a state Congress leader had said that EVMs have tampered. But after the deal of Congress and JD (S), he didn’t even question the EVMs; he didn’t even urge for a re-election.

Why I brought up this issue was because today on twitter I saw few people trendingBanEVM“.

A person stated,

  • Dear Election Commission of India, as a responsible Citizen of India I want to feel safe while doing the most important job for my country, voting. I feel safer in Paper Ballot than EVM while voting. Please do the needful.

His statement was indeed hilarious because let’s us not forget what had happened in the panchayat elections of West Bengal. The TMC goons had literally hijacked the polling booths and didn’t let others to vote. So if EVMs are banned throughout the nation, then the goondaism that took place in West Bengal elections might take place all over the nation.

  • Those who forgot how ballots were stamped, tossed, burnt during Bengal Panchayat polls. This is precisely they want to replicate by banning EVMs to push Democracy back to the dark ages of booth capturing.

Hansika Raj