Who are those Presstitutes? Advising not to believe television and newspaper, Congress leader Manish Tewari says “I know for how much they sell their conscience”

Senior Congress leader and former Union Minister Manish Tewari has made a controversial statement that has triggered questions whether journalists were paid under the Congress led UPA regime.

The former Union Information and Broadcasting Minister is the candidate from Anandpur Sahib, Punjab and during a speech in Banga, he said “Tussi enna TV waleyan nu chhadd dyo, akhbaar waleyan nu chhad dyo. Main enna da wazir reya haan. Main Information and Broadcasting minister reya haan bharat sarkar vich. Mainu pata hai enna di zameer kinne paiseyan vich vikdi hai”

English Translation: Don’t go by what television and newspaper people say. I have been their minister. I was the Information and Broadcasting Minister in Government of India. I know for how much they sell their conscience.

It is a known fact that scams were rampant during the UPA regime and investigations have also said that few journalists played a major role in diverting the public attention from the scams. This was revealed after the Modi government brought back Christian Michel.

Soon the video of Manish Tewari went viral and that’s when he tried to apologize stating “My statement clarifying in what context I had said about certain sections of What Arun Shourie describes as North Korean Media. I have been I&B Minister and have highest respect for Indian Media. Any inadvertent hurt caused is regretted unequivocally. My profound apologies”.

This is not the first time where Manish Tewari’s name was heard in a controversy. In 2017, a Modi supporter had tweeted “Don’t teach Modi patriotism. Even Mahatma Gandhi cannot teach him. Patriotism is in Modi’s DNA. How much can you stoop”. Manish Tewari responded to it in an abusive manner stating “Is Se Khate Hain C******n Ko Bhakt Bana Na or Bhakton Ko Permanent C******a Bana Na — Jai Ho. Even Mahatma can not teach MODI Deshbhakti”.


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