Who fueled the violence??? How Main Stream Media is Responsible for the violence after Baba Ram Rahim convicted of Rape?

It’s a tragedy! How main stream medias helped to create violence and collapsed securities just because to build their TRP values by telecasting the news! It’ s horrible to see the Indian medias, acting like “Stupid” wander wolfs! Do you know how their telecasts
revealed security tricks of Indian soldiers in the attack of 26/11? Do you imagine how our
Security Controlled Areas easily revealed to terrorists? These irresponsible media have been making mistakes all the time! Oh yes! TRP values will increase and so the Terrorist Activities!

Recent, Baba Ram Rahim Singh jailed and few died in the violence created in Haryana and
Punjab. Do not say that his followers done this crime! Think, how this media elaborated the situation a very manner to create nuisance and violence!When, the court declared judgment against of Baba, by giving proper proofs of a Rape case, the court has strictly warned every Indian media not to telecast the news for over 40 – 45 minutes about this verdict. But, how India today/ Aaj Tak broadcasted this news? Court had prohibited the broadcasting of this Baba Ram Rahim’s verdict to maintain a security purpose and from few days, entire Punjab and Haryana was in a state of fire and this media telecasts ignited it well!

According to IBTL, Aaj Tak/ India today entered into security and telecasted each and everything before every incident. How’s this possible to telecast “Ram Rahim’s” judgments a few minutes ago, before the judgment? Was the court’s verdict to be telecast after 45-60 min, while our ever responsible matured media hawks created chaos with breaking news?

Aaj Tak/ India today reported showed the jail where Ghurmeet Singh kept and where he will be taken next? Responsible media? Guiding supporters?

Both media questioned: Why he’s not wearing jail clothes? Could have kept calm, let the law take its course instead of angering mobs further.

Why should media even be allowed inside jail? How can they air footage of inside the jail? It will be considered as a serious security lapse and guide mobs.

Entire day, media used very filthy uncivil language against Baba. Did it help since his followers, already on the rampage, began reacting to that?

NewsX which was blaming Sofia Hayat for hurting religious sentiments with her provocative
a video, today presented her a s Spiritual Guru.

IndiaToday has problem with Gurmeet Singh today, was having exclusives with him. And, then new problems broadcasted as next day exclusive.

Every channel slamming Gurmeet Singh today for a rape case going since 15 years, happily
earned money by airing his movies trailers, don’t you think so?

If channels want to prove they’re such social activities/reformers, first stop paid 30-60 minutes advertisements every morning of Babas, X’ian evangelists.

Can any media able to answer these questions? Because of additional TRP values, the same
media who had broadcasted his movies trailers and also, the same media treated him as God Man and now, they are blaming, what a tragedy!!! Medias could not able to think who is real and who is not! If they are just broadcasting as their duty, they why don’t they try Gutter Water? Pakistan Army Campus?

Burkha Dutt, proudly declared herself as one “Daring Journalist” when she entered Pakistan and interviewed army General! Fine, but do you know when she was interviewed? “During KARGIL WAR”. How did she get permission to enter PAK? During Taj Attack, court strictly prohibited any media activities. But, this bullshit media used high definition lens and zoomed entire Taj hotel and broadcasted. As a result, terrorist got the accurate locations of our soldiers through television!! The media have forgotten their responsibility and common sense!! When there’re terror activities or chance of violence is high, media should step back from telecasting every detail. No other country supports these kinda telecasts. Collapsing security and enters into forbidden areas cause bigger problems than the original problems. You can find every corner of our Rashtrapati Bhavan in Google and You-tube. What’s the purpose of security then?? Cannot this media at-least think about the future problems by revealing each and every corner of high confidential areas?

Sick thing is, when there’s a chance of violence, narrators terribly presents the situation making some noises, running with others and the cinematography level increases the tension well like a war is happening? Isn’t it so obvious? Obvious, that these media provokes people through their live-telecasts.Every time, in Indian history, these sense-less media collapsed every security measurements taken to save our mother land. Be careful Indian Media! Your one move can collapse entire Country!