Who Gets to Rule the Biggest State of India – UP, India Today Pre-Poll Survey Released!

Uttar Pradesh elections which is regarded as mini Lok Sabha elections has raised the pulse of all political parties. Numerous attacks and counter attacks have be pounded on each other. Many so called secular parties have gone to the extent of politicizing the surgical strikes to win votes banks.

The only question in every body’s mind is will all these pretensions and political gimmick  being played by many parties work? Will they attract the voters? Will UP which sends maximum number of soldiers to the Indian army bear the insult of politicians who doubted the integrity of our Jawans or will they give a fitting reply to those political parties who questioned them???

The India Today group has released the first pre-poll survey results which has given the maximum advantage to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) which is said to get around 170-183 seats followed by Bahujan Samajvadi Party 115-124 and Samajvadi Party 94-108 and Congress seems to be out of race with 8-12 seats! The survey has indictaed that 51% of Muslim votes may go to SP while another 21% may vote for BSP.

The initial survey has shown that BJP will be the single largest party. According to many studies the strong stand by Modi government against Pakistan has brought much appreciation to Modi which may further increase the seat shares to BJP.

While every other political party has been desperate to downplay the surgical strikes to retain their core vote banks, Modi’s utter silence on Surgical strike has proved that he has hit all right buttons at the right time. He has walked the talk…that he will never use National security for political or personal gain.

He had said the same thing even before 2014 elections, that he would rather retire from politics than to use Soldiers sacrifice as political tool.

The poll survey also say that over 65% people are satisfied with the functioning of Modi government. For a question whether Modi has gained more popularity after surgical strike and emerged stronger, 91% people have said yes!

Most of the opposition parties spoke exactly in the tone of Pakistan and demanded proof of surgical strikes have dented their own image like never before. People have started to realize how Congress and Kejriwal stooped to the lowest just to gain few extra votes.

Rahul Gandhi who childishly made Khoon Ki Dhallali comment received severe thrashing from the public who called Rahul Gandhi is immature and ignorant. His own party member from Madhya Pradesh demanded Sonia Gandhi to sack Rahul after he behaved irresponsibly.

The other interesting point to be noted is, India Today –Axis poll team is said to be Anti –Modi and Anti BJP, but if they are giving a hint that BJP as the edge we may consider that UP elections are definitely favoring BJP.

These results may also trigger pseudo secular parties to rack up some dalit issue to dent the image of BJP. There are also reports saying Congress and SP are planning to recreate Gujarat dalit incident and attack BJP on caste politics.

Aishwarya S