Who is spying and honey trapping DRDO scientists to get sensitive information?!

Just a week back, two scientists from the Defence Research and Development Organisation and one from Brahmos Aerospace unit were arrested on charges of spying and leaking most sensitive information to our enemies in Pakistan ISI. Among the arrested, two scientists were working with the DRDO’s Defence Materials and Stores Research and Development Establishment in Kanpur and the third scientist was working at a Brahmos unit in Nagpur, which is involved in making critical components for the missile supplied to the Indian Army. The missile technology he was involved was the Supersonic missile that can be fired from submarines, ships, aircraft or land. Nishant Agarwal, the man who is said to have leaked information was heading a 40-member team that works for hydraulics-pneumatics and warhead integration in the Production department of the project, was honoured with the “young scientist award” by DRDO last month.

The activity on their Facebook page gave rise to speculations about their involvement in some groups which was apparently handled by Pakistan ISI which was gathering data on the Indian missile technology.

The investigation agencies which notice this development, arrested all three scientists who were later found to be honey trapped by ISI agency and other foreign agency which had taken information pertaining to Indian defence system since a while. The Military Intelligence wing of the Central Army Command immediately booked a case and is investigating the issue.

But that is not the shocking part, further investigating has now revealed that more scientists in DRDO have been honey trapped by external agencies which may have extracted sensitive information about missile technology. The incidents of honey trapping had raised to alarming proportion with one incident being reported every month. The Intelligence wing reported that many of these honey trapped individuals did not even realise that they were honey trapped and were sharing information with  the spy of a foreign country.

In case of Agarwal, the investigation agencies said “the scientist in touch with these spies for more than two years. We are still confirming the reasons behind sharing the information, whether he was forced to do so after being honey-trapped or he was doing it without realising that he was actually sharing them with spies.”

“The Facebook profiles of these spies had titillating pictures and it was constructed in such a manner that it appears that it is a genuine profile of a girl. It is very unfortunate that such educated an individual who had a great career ahead of him fell for this,” said an investigating officer.

While investigating the Agarwal case, the officers have now found that they are many other scientists who are likely honey trapped and could have possibly shared classified information with foreign agencies. a few more” scientists and other employees who have been compromised in the same manner. “It (the spy network) is much bigger than we initially thought. People working in sensitive installations and armed forces are being targeted through Facebook and Twitter. We have started sending specific advisories to stop officials from sharing their work related details on social media as it makes them prone to such targeting,” the official added.

Officials said that incidents of honey-trapping have reached an “alarming level” in recent times, with roughly one incident being reported every month. “We have been issuing repeated specific advisories which obviously are not being taken seriously. Due to increased internet and mobile penetration, this threat has become more destructive,” he stated. The Telegraph

It is a shame that those people working with the most sensitive information are being so negligible about their conduct and getting honey trapped. The government will have to take most stringent action against those who have leaked information and compromised National security.

According to sources, most of the spies are ex-officials of the intelligent wing of Pakistan ISI, it is also said they may be working in tandem with Chinese intelligence which is banking on ISI to get many information. Not to neglect America which has many times used ISI to spy on India may also be part of the operation which is closely monitoring the India missile development program which has always been its interest. The biggest opposition to Pokhran test came from US and China which were continuously monitoring the progress since decades. In fact the Pokhran test conducted during 1999 was conducted with all secrecy in order to avoid the US the pressure from US.

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