Who is Swami Pratap Puri, why is he receiving huge support from NRI Hindus?

The contest in Pokhran, a place famous for bringing India into the global nuclear power club, has catapulted a relatively new face in the political scenario in Rajasthan. Swami Pratap Puri has emerged as an icon of progress and development, captivating audiences globally. His speeches in the social media highlighting the need for social unity, women empowerment and a scientific mindset has energized many across the world. He sees Swami Vivekananda as an inspiration and urges his followers to unite for the development of India.
Yogi Adityanath, the firebrand Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh had visited Pokhran to endorse Swami Pratap Puri. The massive crowd in the rally is ample indication of the enormous support that the monk from Pokhran , being called the Yogi of Rajasthan enjoys. The thoughts of the monk, espoused through his speeches has earned him adulations from not just in Pokhran but worldwide as well. Many in the NRI community has found deep resonance with his thoughts and speeches. In the fortnight, social media pages have cropped up hailing Swami Pratap Puri as the next iconic leader from the state. Some have urged him to lead the state as well.
The Pokhran constituency has seen development with roads and schools, but there is acute shortage of water for the last 15 years. The NRI community has pledged to work with Swami Pratap Puri on solving the water issues in the area and has deeply appreciated his vision on handling the challenges. Swami has been actively seeking solutions from people living outside Rajasthan to come back and help the state. His deep commitment for the development of Pokhran and the state of Rajasthan has deeply inspired the diaspora and many looking forward to work with him for the development of the state.
The momentum being built around Swami Pratap Puri’s election is likely to influence around 20 seats, surrounding Pokhran, in the border areas close to Pakistan. His fiery speeches with progressive thoughts and ideas and the possibility to have representatives who will selflessly serve the state, has infused new hope and excitement in an otherwise moribund election.