Who is this brave man named Sher Singh Rana and what is his link with warrior Prithviraj Chauhan?

Though lengthy post, you will enjoy it and will go dumbstruck in goosebumps after reading this!!

This is not any film story or fictitious story but it’s not less than thrilling cinema story. The main hero of this story is ‘Sher Singh Rana’ and his real life adventure that he did in 2005.

Sher Singh Rana…

How many of us know about this Hindu tiger Sher Singh Rana.
Before this let us date back the Brave hearted Hindu King ‘Prithviraj Chauhan’ and one might have also heard about the infamous cruel ‘Mohammed Ghori’ who continuously attacked and looted Bharat.

This idiot Ghori who attacked many times who was defeated by Prithviraj every single time but in the battle of ‘Tarrain’ in 1191, when Ghori attacked Chauhan, Chauhan crushed him like anything and caught him. But in spite of telling not to forgive him, Chauhan forgave him and let him go and that was the biggest mistake ever done in the history of Bharat. If Chauhan hadn’t forgiven Ghori, there wouldn’t have any Islamic Jihad or rule in Bharat.

Prithviraj was ruling around today’s Ajmer of Rajasthan and Delhi during 11th Century. Every Islamic Jihadi wanted to capture Delhi to make Bharat Islamisation and Ghori did the same, but Prithviraj Chauhan had successfully United all the Hindu Rajput Kings and crushed this Ghori every time. But unfortunately even at that time we had some pseudos, secular idiots, intellectuals and traitors too. One of them was ‘Jayachand’ who was in law of Prithviraj but as an egoistic he dint join the ally of Prithviraj but plotted against Prithviraj itself by helping Islamic invaders.

Though Prithviraj had defeated Ghori in the 1st battle of Tarrain and forgave him – a Jihadi mindset will never go from jihadists – this Ghori came back in 1192 again and having learnt all the war tactics of Rajputs by Jayachand, Ghori defeated Prithviraj by cheating him. And as a result, Ghori dint forgive Prithviraj but handcuffed him and took him away to Afghanistan as war prisoner.

There, Chauhan was so much tortured, he was asked to bow before Ghori but Ghori says, “ I’m also the king of Bharata and you have caught me deceivingly and will never bow myself before you”. Having heard this, Ghori was furious and asked Chauhan to convert into Islam, but Chauhan dint heed his ears, as a result Ghori gauged out Chauhan’s eyes by piercing heated iron rods into his eyes.

Here to remind you, ‘Chandra_Bardaayi’ (Chand Bardayi, the minister and poet of Chauhan was also imprisoned along with Prithviraj).

Chand Bardayi was so sad since his king was tortured and he had decided to revenge on Ghori.

Since Ghori knew that Chauhan was skillful in “Shabdavedi” warfare, Ghori decided to mock Chauhan and insult him infront of his courtiers and people but it was his biggest mistake of life and before he could realise it he had lost his life and so an event was organised.

Now you might be surprised to know how come blind Prithviraj killed Ghori, here is the story.

“Chaar baas, Chaubis Gaj, Angul Ashta Praman, Tha Upar baithe sultan, Chuke na Chauhan”.

You might know/read this above said lines somewhere.

Ghori was so stupid that he had jailed both Chaand Bardaayi and Chauhan in a single room. As Chand Bardayi got to know the event, makes a plan and tells his king Chauhan that he would say a sentence in Rajput language which would be the description of the exact sitting location of Ghori which no one would understand in the court except him and Chauhan. And soon after the description is given Chauhan must immediately target his arrows towards Ghori and got him killed.

The day was on, an event was organised and all the courtiers were laughing at Chauhan who was holding bow and arrow being a blind, but even Prithviraj was also smiling himself that he was going to kill Ghori.

Though Prithviraj was blind at the time, still Ghori was so scared that he had covered his place with so much protection except his face visible.

Shabdavedi event was started, 1st bell was rung, Prithviraj straightaway used his arrow, then second, Prithviraj was successful and when it was the third ring, ChandBaradayi used his tactic and told Ghori that He want to praise Ghori through his poem and Ghori happily agreed to it without knowing the agenda.

Accordingly ChandBaradayi uttered ” चार बास, चौबीस गज, अंगुल अष्ट प्रमाण, थे ऊपर बैठे सुल्तान, चुके न चौहान”! .

Even before the sentence was completed, Chauhan used his bow and arrow, and straight away pierced the neck of Ghori who was sitting at the place and in no time Ghori was killed. Before anyone could realise what happened, Ghori had met 72 virgins. And later Ghori’s Army got killed both ChandBardayi n Chauhan.

This is the bravery of our Hindu Kshatriya warriors.

That’s what we still use Jayachand as a slang to abuse someone here.

Let that be, now let us come to the point Sher Singh Rana about whom you might be thinking what’s the link between that Chauhan, Ghori of 11th Century and this Rana of 21st Century. Yes! There it is.

Sher Singh Rana was a Rajput who had heard all the past Kshatriya warriors’ stories and their bravery. This Rana had decided to hunt the modern looters and corrupt idiots, and one of them was the dacoit turned politician, the Chambal queen Phulan Devi. Since all km now this Phoolan was elected as MP from SP party UP. When this was heard by Raana the a dacoit will time us, it is said that this Raana had decided to end her n so he killed her on July 25, 2001.

After this Rana was caught and was sent to Tihaar jail. Rana was so much inspired hearing their ancestral stories by her mother and may be for this reason, Rana was planning to bring back the ASTHI of Prithviraj Chauhan who was buried in Ghori.

Since Rana was life imprisoned, he was thinking how to escape and go to Afghanistan, but fortunately he met the COMPANY member named Subhash Thakur who helped him and got Rana a fake student Passport to go to Afghanistan and Rana escaped from the jail.

After reaching Afghanistan, Rana wandered like anything from Kandhar, Kaabul, Herat and other places without knowing where Ghori’s and Chauhan’s tomb are. Rana knew that Chauhan’s tomb is at the place of Ghori itself where Ghori had told his followers to Burry Chauhan at the pedestal where all d visitors should leave their shoes n chappals on his tomb. But Rana was disappointed, he wasn’t getting the place.

Finally, Rana introduced himself localities and said that he has come all the way from Pakistan and want to see Ghori’s tomb and would like to take the soil of the tomb to Pakistan he said. Having believed this, the locality takes him to Ghori’s tomb which was on the outskirts of Ghazni, a small village named ‘Deek’.

The localities show him the tomb of Ghori n asks him to leave his ‘footwear outside on the tomb of Chauhan’.

Hearing this Raana got furious and learnt that was the tomb of great Prithviraj Chauhan and his tomb was being treated in that fashion.

After spending few days in the same place, one fine night Rana dug the tomb of Chauhan and took that soil/Asthi and returned on April 2005 and surrendered himself.

Before he surrendered, he couriered that ASTHI to his place ETHAVA/येटावा of UP and asked his mother to organise a function and it was organised presided the function by his own mother Satvati Devi.

Addressing the gathering, Satvati Devi proudly says about her son, “My son has brought the pride and fame to this motherland, No one could ever do this great adventure except him, I’m so proud that He is my son”.

And yes! We are proud too, Because of people like Rana we Hindus are still holding our head high! !

Salute to Prithviraj and Salute to Sher Singh Rana.

Note: there are many speculations about the death of Ghori but it’s clearly written in Chand Baradayi’s work “Prithviraj Raso” in which he had already written before the event was taken.

Though Ghori’s courtiers claim that Ghori was killed by his own followers while performing Namaz, but this might be a manipulated history to brainwash the Indian students by abiding true history as it has been happening since Independence.

We can find many videos about Sher Singh Rana and this event of Shabdavedi of Chauhan on you tube.

Vinod Hindu Nationalist and Priyadarshi Ashok**