Who misled people to use NOTA instead of BJP in Gujarat elections?

It was indeed a happy news that BJP won Gujarat elections even after massive galvanization of opposition, Patidar protests and 22 years of anti-incumbency. But there are few things which have surprised most psephologists. Most of the exit polls showed that BJP was definitely going to get atleast 115-120 seats. But the results showed a completely different picture with BJP losing almost 15-16 seats.

Postcard news did a detailed analysis yesterday which showed the real reason why BJP lost those 15 seats. But question is, did people really vote for NOTA or were they taught to chose NOTA over BJP by some people?

BJP would have easily won 115 seats!!! It’s not Congress, you’ll be shocked to know who defeated those 16 BJP candidates 

We very well know that the opposition did not start the Gujarat campaign in 2017, but they started in 2015 when the first Patidar protest broke out and lead to massive violence, curfew and tension in Gujarat. This was the first indication that Congress was planning a massive campaign against BJP and by hook or crook, they wanted to defeat Modi. Then started the Dalit attacks in Una, in which Jignesh Mevani was launched by a set of people from Congress, human rights activists, Pro Azadi gang and foreign funded NGO’s.

Jignesh Mevani got huge support from few foreign funded NGO and Christian missionaries which were well known for their conversion plots and misusing Dalits and OBC community. It was in October 2017, Vikranth Kumar of Lopak. Org website exposed the involvement of an NGO called Navsarjan trust, founded by Martin Macwan indulging in spreading fake news about Dalit atrocities in Gujarat. They had said that Gujarat has only 2.33% Dalits in India but the atrocities against them are maximum. This was a video message given by Martin Macwan with the support of none other than The Wire Website, which is well known to be a loyal supporter of Anti National club.

When further research was done by Vikranth, he found that the data given by NGO was purely false. According to NCRB data, Gujarat was neither in top most number or percentage wise in Dalit atrocities, but it was Jammu Kashmir and East India which topped the chart of maximum number of Dalit atrocities. So it was purely a cooked up data just before the elections to divide people on caste and prop hatred against PM Modi and BJP.

Coming to the campaign issue, now we know that it was not just Congress which wanted to defeat BJP but foreign funded NGOs and anti-National elements played a huge role in dividing votes. In December 2016, the Home Ministry had cancelled the FCRA licence of the Navsarjan trust based on Intelligence Input of their involvement in conversion, radicalism and dubious transactions of money. There were many police complaints by their own employees alleging that Martin Macwan had siphoned over 50 crores of NGO money to his personal account for various illegal activities. This was the same trust which organised massive protest built on the fake news that Dalits were attacked for sporting a moustache. Martin Macwan also met Congress spokesperson Tehseen Poonawala before the elections and filed PIL against cow protection law and called to defeat BJP in Gujarat.

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Another NGO in which Jignesh Mevani was associated with was, NACDOR (National Confederation of Dalit Organisation). This particular NGO has done nothing for Dalit upliftment. But it is receiving massive amount of funds from Oxfam, Karuna trust, UK, Action Aid, Christian Aid, DFID-UK. All these associations are funding crores of money to NACDOR just to create rift in society and mass conversion.

These NGOs which had an objective to defeat Modi had spread a malicious campaign against the BJP and asked many people in the BJP strong holds to choose NOTA. Few inputs received from Gujaratis say that since 1 year, the NGOs have been visiting the houses of poor, Dalits and OBCs with an ill intention of misleading them. The 15 places where BJP has lost with a margin of just 500-1000 votes were all previously BJP strong holds. It is said that these NGOs campaigned against BJP asking the hardcore supporters of BJP to choose NOTA even if they do not want to vote for Congress. The NGOs in the later days have sensed that Patidar agitation had not dented the image of BJP and the main issue was GST woes. So they used the sentiment to garner votes for Congress but failed to please them completely.

This was quite visible when the Archbishop in Gujarat made a public appeal to defeat BJP and help Congress in Gujarat elections.

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This is exactly why in around 15-16 places BJP has lost with low margin and in some places with just 100-200 vote difference. Over 5 lakh NOTA votes were definitely a record in the history of Gujarat elections. Despite negative campaign against BJP, Gujaratis have chosen NOTA but have not seen Congress as an alternative.

Aishwarya S


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