Who protected Yasin Malik for decades? Finally the murderer of Kashmiri Pandits and IAF personnels will be punished?

A soldier doesn’t die in the battleground, he dies when his unthankful country forgets his sacrifice!!!

30 years it took to hold a terrorist, responsible for killing of 4 IAF personnel accountable. Yasin Malik, leader of JKLF, a separatist, a murderer is to be trialed by TADA court.

The Modi government had banned the separatist organisation under UAPA, accusing it of funnelling funds for terrorism and killing of Kashmiri Pandits in 1989 which lead to their exodus from the valley.

Within a month of banning Jamaat-e-Islami, JKLF too was banned by the government.

Now TADA court will trial Yasin Malik in connection with the killing of four IAF personnel and kidnapping of of Rubaiya Sayeed, the daughter of the then home minister Mufti Mohammed Sayeed.

Earlier this week, the roads to the trial were cleared, when a non-bailable warrant was issued against him.

What is the history of JKLF? Why it took 30 years to serve justice to the victims of their terrorism?

The JKLF was founded by Amanullah Khan and Mohammad Maqbool Bhat in 1977. Both had by then been working closely towards the “liberation” of Kashmir from India and Pakistan.

Even before the JKLF was formed, Bhat had already gained notoriety, having been accused of being involved in the hijack of the Indian Airlines Fokker aircraft Ganga, which was flown to Lahore. He was then a part of the National Liberation Front (NLF).

The National Liberation Front (NLF) was secretly found on 13 August 1965 at the residence of Major Amanullah in Peshawar, Pakistan.

NLF’s first group — Maqbool Butt, Tahir Aurangzeb, Amir Ahmed and Kala Khan decided to secretly cross back over to Kashmir on 10 June 1966 and recruit people. They were pinpointed by the security forces and an encounter took place, Auranzeb and a CID officer Amar Chand were killed.

Maqbool along with Kala Khan and Mir Ahmad were arrested and tried in a Srinagar court for killing the officer and crossing the Ceasefire Line illegally.

In August 1968, judge Neelkanth Ganjoo awarded the death sentence to Maqbool Butt and Mir Ahmad, and a life sentence to Kala Khan in Amar Chand case. Maqbool escaped from the prison.

When he was caught again the earlier death sentence was still valid and Maqbool petitioned to the President of India Giyani Zail Singh for clemency on the grounds of an unfair trial.

On 3 February 1984, Ravindra Mhatre an Indian diplomat in the UK, was kidnapped in Birmingham, England, and a demand to release Maqbool Bhat was put forward by the kidnappers. On 6 February 1984, members of Kashmir Liberation Army murdered the diplomat in Birmingham and there never heard from again.

In retaliation, Bhat’s petition for clemency was rejected, and Bhat was executed in the Tihar Jail in New Delhi on 11 February 1984 and buried in the jail premises.

The same year, some militants bombed Justice Neelkanth Ganjoo’s house.

On November 4, 1989, a group of three people surrounded Neelkanth Ganjoo when he was in the Hari Singh Street market near the High Court in Srinagar. He was shot dead in broad daylight. Ganjoo was among the early Kashmiri Pandits killed by terrorists in Kashmir.

Five years after he was hanged, the JKLF launched an armed insurgent movement against India in 1989.

  • On January 25, 1990, Squadron Leader Ravi Khanna and his three colleagues had been shot dead,  by a group of militants led by Malik, in Rawalpora on the outskirts of Srinagar.
  • Eyewitnesses later told police that Khanna had taken the brunt of the attack while trying to cover his colleagues from heavy automatic weapon firing by the car-borne militants.
  • Malik was also accused of orchestrating the kidnapping of Rubaiya Sayeed — the daughter of the then Union home minister Mufti Mohammed Sayeed in 1989.
  • In 1995, Malik was granted a stay on trial by a single bench of the Jammu and Kashmir high court as there was no TADA court in Srinagar.
  • In 2019, A bench of the Jammu and Kashmir high court struck down the 2008 single-bench High Court order transferring the hearing in the two cases to Srinagar.
  • Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chief Malik was dragged to Tihar Jail after being arrested by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) in a case related to the financing of terror and separatist organisations.

As usual, Congress held his back. In name of peace talks with the separatists top congress leader Sonia Gandhi and then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had hosted Yasin Malik.

Congress leader PC Chacko went even a stepped ahead and in utter shamelessness had called Yasin Malik courageous to resist arrest earlier this year.

Congress government never took any initiative to bring this man to justice. Kashmir separatists always denied their association with terrorist. But,

The same Yasin Malik shared dias with the founder of Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) founder Hafiz Saeed, the key conspirator of 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks.

The two terrorist leaders came together for a meeting held in Pakistan to pay tribute to Parliament attack conspirator Afzal Guru, who was hanged in Delhi’s Tihar Central Jail.

Yasin Malik’s wife who is a Pakistani by birth releases video on her concerns about his treatment in Tihar Jail and all our Human rights activist join her to shed tears. These hypocrites forgot Squadron leader Ravi Khanna took 26 odd bullets to shield his colleagues from the firing by this rogue terrorist.

Never betray the blood that has been shed by a soldier to protect his mother land. Yasin Malik deserves to be trialed and given capital punishment for the cold blood murders of thousand of Kashmiri pandits and IAF personnel.

Dr.Sindhu Prashanth