Who is Nambi Narayanan, who wanted to trap him in a fake espionage case?

"Stopping Nambi Narayanan was stopping India's Cryogenic Rocket program"

60 years back, during the time of Nehru, the US, China and many other countries wanted to stop India’s nuclear program. It was just few years after independence that Indian nuclear scientists like Homi J Baba and Vikram Sarabhai dreamt of making the country a nuclear power hub.

They not just wanted to secure our Nation from enemy countries but also wanted to utilize the enormous nuclear power for constructive purpose thereby solving many fuel related issues of the country. However, our first Prime Minister was not very keen of fulfilling this mammoth dream of our scientists which would have otherwise made our country a nuclear super power.

The vested interest of US  which wanted to stop India’s nuclear program realised that the only way they can achieve their goal was to eliminate the most genius scientists who were working on nuclear missiles. It was in the year 1966, flight “Air India Flight 101”which was carrying Homi J Baba along with 105 passengers and 11 crew crashed near Mont Blanc.

Since the day, the Indian Nuclear program took a massive blow. The former CIA agent Robert Crowley had given a statement to journalist Gregory Douglas in which he had stated that there was a direct link with CIA and Homi J Baba’s death. Crowley had categorically said that a bomb in the cargo section of the plane went off in mid-air, bringing down the commercial Boeing 707 airliner in Alps with little evidence left to be retrieved. Crowley claimed that U.S was wary of Indian nuclear progress and the defeat of their ally Pakistan, in 1965 war.

But this was not the end, the next scientist who lost his life for taking up the nuclear program was Vikram Sarabhai. It was the same time when India was deliberating over nuclear non-proliferation treaty, the news of the death of Vikram Sarabhai dominated the news papers. A man who went to witness the firing of a Russian rocket and inaugurated Thumba  railway station saw an unfortunate end the same day. No postmortem was conducted, no inquiry was conducted from the government and slowly his death news was buried as he was.

It was not just them, but 11 other nuclear scientists in India have seen mysterious end till recently. All cases have been buried without enquiry.

The curious case of Nambi Narayanan is no different from the above cases and the only fortunate thing is Mr Narayanan escaped death. Nambi Narayanan was a scientists in ISRO who was heading the Cryogenic Rocket project which was based on Russian cryogenic rocket technology.

This was another issue which the Americans felt too intimidated and somehow wanted to stop the program. Stopping Nambi Narayanan was stopping Cryogenic Rocket technology program which America was desperate about. So, the spy case against Narayanan literally damaged the Indian rocket technology which would have again set a new record.

In order to understand what damage the traitors of our country along with Americans did , we first have to know what is Cryogenic Rocket Technology.

Cryogenic rocket technology involves the use of super-cooled liquid fuels to produce massive amounts of thrust in order to lift heavy payloads into space. It will be at the heart of India’s GSLV rocket, which will carry future Indian astronauts to the moon. Without having a trust able GSLV rocket, India will have to pay huge amounts to foreign space agencies. So, this technology was focused on manufacturing a rocket with heavy lift capacity and with ultra-low cost model which could one day put  NASA out of business.

Since 1980’s, India was looking for this technology and first held talks with Japan, but nothing worked out, then they spoke to General Dynamics Corporation, which offered an American engine. Since the cost was exorbitant, India turned down the offer.  It was then the Russia offered a two engines and technology transfer for the more reasonable price of $200 million. The Russians were offering a secret engine, the RD-56 or KVD-1, built by the Isayev Design Bureau. This particular technology was way ahead of NASA and had nothing to match its potential.

So, on January 18, 1991 the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) inked an agreement with the Russian space agency Glavkosmos for the transfer of cryogenic technology.The fall of Soviet Union brought a huge setback for Russia and they knew that America would try to steal the technology hook or crook.

So, the Russian space agency Glavkosmos and ISRO decided to outsource the manufacture of the cryogenic engines to Kerala Hi-tech Industries Limited (KELTEC). The agreement was done in such a way that it doesn’t violate the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) provisions. But American President George Bush did not like the development and called it violations of norms. Then “India objected strongly to the American actions, pointing out that high-powered hydrogen-fuelled upper stages which took a long time to prepare were of little military value.

India also pointed out the Americans had offered them the very same technology and had made no objections throughout the years 1988-92 when the arrangements had begun.”

After Clinton became the President of US, for some reason Russia backed out of the proposals to transfer technology to India and suspended its agreement, invoking force majeure (circumstances beyond its control).

Once the technology transfer window was about to close with Russia and India, the Russians scientists who were friendly with India decided to transfer the production technology. But Americans who always kept an eye on Russian movement would have objected transfer of production technology which were huge machines that had to be sent in Cargo.

So, ISRO and Russians came to an agreement and decided to transfer all documents, instruments and equipment in a covert operation in four shipments from Moscow to Delhi through Ural Airlines. And Nambi Narayanan was in the same flight which transferred all documents from Moscow to Delhi.

The project was taken up by ISRO and there was nothing that USA could do at that point. So, the mission to sabotage the Cryogenic rocket program was given to CIA which had to go through internal coup to sabotage the project.

The CIA may have hijacked few people from police department, Intelligence Bureau and took the help of few political parties who want India to fail and plotted a master plan to trap Nambi Narayanan.

So, we can imagine how and why this Cryogenic project was so important to India and how successfully the CIA with the help of shameless politicians in our country achieved their goal. It is only fortunate that Nambi Narayanan did not lose his life in this dirty game.

Special Credit to: Rakesh Krishnan Simha for all information on Rocket Technology and inside information.


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