Who Will Raise Voice Against The Genocide Of Hindu Minorities? While Malala And Imran Khan Are Preaching On Kashmir Issue, Another Innocent Hindu Girl Dies In Pakistan

Pakistan is predominantly a Muslim country and the minorities of the country such as Sufis, Christians and especially Hindus have feared for their lives in Pakistan. Attacks on minorities have claimed thousands of lives in Pakistan while the so called leaders and intellectuals of the country are busy pointing fingers at India regarding the Kashmir issue. It is a well known fact that there has been a slow genocide of minorities in Pakistan. According to sources, the percentage of minorities has declined from 23% in 1947 to a mere 3-4% in the recent year. Yet, the Pakistani intellectuals are keeping mum on this issue.

Now, a Hindu girl from Ghotki is said to be found dead in her hostel room in Aseefa Medical Dental College in Larakana yesterday.

Namrita Chandani, who belonged to Mirpur Mathelo, a Taluk of Ghotki was a final year BDS student. She was found dead in her hostel room on Monday and her body was found lying on the bed with a rope tied around her neck.

Although, the college claimed it to be a suicide, there are a lot of speculations over her death. There were questions regarding here body lying on the bed instead of hanging from the rope. Sources also claim that Namrita struggled to save her life and there were signs of strangulation with a cable wire around her neck.

According to the US based Sindhi foundation, every year around 1,000 young Sindhu Hindu girls aged in between 12-28 are abducted and forcibly converted married and converted to Islam.

Namrita’s brother Vishal Sunder who is a medical consultant states that the preliminary check up showed that Namrita was murdered.

“It was not a suicide, suicide marks are different, I found cable marks around her neck. There are marks on her hand too. The marks are of cable but her friend had said that she found her with dupatta around her neck,” said Vishal Sundar

This incident comes after the vandalizing of Hindu temples in Pakistan’s Ghotki after Notan Das, a principal allegedly made blasphemous remarks. There were also attacks on houses and the school of the principal. But, the sources claim, that the attack was pre planned by the goons of Radical Islamic leader Mian Mithoo. Mian Mithoo is alleged to be involved in the abduction and forced conversion of several Hindu girls.

According to the sources, Notan Das has allegedly given refuge to an abducted Hindu girl. Hence, the attack against him was to cover up the crime by Mian Mithoo’s goons.

That is not it, people have still not forgotten the firing that happened in Balochistan in 2005  in which 32 Hindus were killed, the destruction of a Hindu temple in Lahore in 2006, attack on 60 Hindus by 150 residents of Murad Memon Goth just for drinking water from a tap near an Islamic mosque in 2010 and a Hindu temple burnt by a crowd of Muslims in the year 2014.

Where were the so called liberals and intellectuals then and now? Why is it that the crimes against the minorities in Pakistan go unnoticed and even main stream media chooses to ignore the issue?

Malala Yousafzai, who recently tweeted with much ‘pain’ and ‘anger’ regarding the state of children in Jammu and Kashmir, chooses to stay silent over this issue. Why? Is she scared to raise her voice against her own country?

Pakistan PM Imran Khan wanted to raise the Kashmir issue in International Court of Justice, but what about the genocide of minorities and destruction of Hindu temples in his own country?

A survey report states that out of 428 Hindu temples in Pakistan only around 20 temples survive today and often remain neglected.

Discrimination on the basis of religion is a serious issue in Pakistan. Minorities in Pakistan are often denied jobs, loans or even housing facilities in the country. Even though Pakistan is condemned internationally for the genocide of minorities in their country, the rapid increase in the killing of the minorities is a proof that the Pakistan government is still negligent towards the issue.

Sharanya Alva