Who’s the most powerful leader in the world? There is something to cheer for the Indians

Only when one is powerful, people notice him and go against him. The fact that so many including a lot of Bollywood celebrities who had no idea who the President or Prime Minister of India was earlier, all know him and talk about PM Modi. This shows he is the most powerful Man in the country.

He stands the unbeatable leader. The most promising and the most admired Prime Minister of the World Largest Democracy and former Chief Minister of Gujarat, PM Narendra Modi is definitely the most popular leader in India and all over the world.

“Sabka saath, sabka vikas (development for everyone) is my mantra”- says PM Modi.

Keeping up his motto, he has worked for this development of each and every individual in the country. His focus was mainly on the upbringing of the working class and the lower class. Many of his schemes under his UPA government have benefitted the needy.

In spite of his tough decisions like demonetization and GST (for which he has received a huge amount of criticisms), he is the world’s 3rd most popular leader. PM Modi doctrine due to which he is regarded as the master in foreign policy has enhanced India’s relation with most of the world and made strategic alliances with most powerful nation including USA, Russia, Japan, UK, France, Israel etc.

Also withstanding China in Doklam and moving out victorious, it made him a bigger leader in the Eyes of the World leaders who were looking for a proper way to tackle China aggressiveness. His easy trade policy by removing red tapes has made India improved ranking in trade and seen among top investment. His main powerhouse is demographic Dividend of 69% that makes him the leader of a young Country. And so certainly he is 6th most powerful Person on the Planet.

“I want to place two pictures before the world… and I say to the world, there are those who believe in humanity and others, who glorify terrorists, please weigh these two scenes. When innocent people are killed in violent acts of terrorism (in India), there are celebrations (in Pakistan).” He said countering Pakistan.

PM Modi is the one who has sent shivers of fear in the spines of Pakistan. He is the one who has warned the terror country to keep its insane activities in control or else it will have to pay for its sins. He has made sure Indian Army under the defence sector, stands so strong that enemy countries think twice before attacking India.

He then said that our common problem is poverty and let’s fight this together. Fighting among ourselves has only led to destruction. Let us fight poverty together and go forward on the path of prosperity. “I invite all our neighbours to fight poverty together. When the citizen of a neighbouring country becomes prosperous, it is a matter of happiness for all of us,” PM Modi added.

Some of those secularists and the opposition brigade call Modi supporters as “Modi bhakts”. But let me clarify on behalf of all those who follow and admire our honourable PM Modi, “We are literate people and we know what is right and what is wrong going on in this country. We also know who is in favour of the nation and who is plotting against”.

It’s time for all of us to stand United and defend PM Modi against all false narrative being created by the opposition and the secularists because he cannot fight this battle alone against these anti-Indians.