Whose “blessings” & what “help” did the terrorist Burhan Wani seek a few days before he was killed ? Hear this shocking phone call made by Burhan…

Just a few days before the deadly terrorist Burhan Wani – the commander of Hizbul Mujahiddeen – was killed by the security forces in an encounter, he had made a phone call to none other than Hafiz Saeed who is the head of Lashkar-e-Tyeba and the mastermind of 26/11 attacks on Mumbai. In the phone call that was intercepted by security agencies, Burhan Wani can be heard seeking “blessings” of Hafiz Saeed to defeat the common “enemy” which refers to India.

In the same phone call, Burhan Wani also asks for “help” in form of money, arms and ammunition from Hafiz Saeed to pursue the goal with success. The conversation begins with Hafiz Saeed extending his support to the cause for which Burhan is fighting and offering “every help” needed to attain the goal. Hafiz Saeed tells, “You people are living in very difficult conditions. But you don’t have to worry. Whatever you need just tell us we are ready for every help. Will be ready for anything. You just have to tell us.”

Hafiz Saeed also praises Burhan Wani for the good work that he is doing for the sake of religion and asks him to carry out the “good work” that he is doing. Burhan Wani claims that the situation is in their favour and demands “ammunition and support from the back” to defeat the “enemy”. He can be heard saying, “We have to go all out on attacks and shouldn’t lose this opportunity. For this we need ammunition and support from the back. We should work together for this (Hizbul & Lashkar).”

The audio of the telephone was intercepted by intelligence units of security forces and was accessed by CNN-News 18. Listen to yourself this 2 minute phone call between Burhan Wani and Hafiz Saeed !

Kshitij Mohan