Why are the smaller parties in the UPA are scared to trust the Congress party after the speech of PM Modi against “No Confidence Motion”?

The “No Confidence Motion” was yet another trick to destabilize the Modi government, but failed miserably. While the Modi government succeeded with 325 “noes’, the Rahul Gandhi led UPA secured just 125 “ayes”. But the situation would have been totally different if the Rahul Gandhi kitty had succeed in grabbing at least 200 votes.

If this would have had happened then the narrative would have gained wings that India has lost trust in the Modi government. But thanks to Modi government that it has not just focused on development but also has succeeded in weakening the opposition’s dirty tricks, behind the screens.

The speech given by PM Modi in the parliament on July 20th was classic. But there was a point which was not focused by many. If the allies of the Congress party gives special attention on this, then there is a chance that the JD (S) might rethink of its decision of joining hands with Congress. So you might wonder what it is.

Marya Shakil, a political editor at CNN-News18 stated,

The big takeaway from PM Modi’s speech is he managed to strike at HD Kumaraswamy swearing-in ceremony photo opp by citing instances in history when the Congress ‘cheated it’s allies’ -hence sending a message that the party which is the fulcrum of opposition unity is untrustworthy.

Yes, PM Modi not just slammed Rahul Gandhi and his party but also gave a warning to the smaller parties in UPA to be aware of the Congress party. Since Independence, the Congress party has resorted to cunning means and miss use of power so that it could retain its power.

The Congress party not just cheated Atal Bihari Vajapayee but even several regional figures to had tried to make a nation wide influence. PM Modi said “I read in the newspaper, immediately after the motion was accepted, the opinion was given, ‘Who says we don’t have the numbers?’ I remember in 1999, in front of Parliament, they claimed they had 272. They may have defeated Atal ji but their claim of 272 turned out to be empty”.

PM Modi also added “Today, games are being played to destabilise a stable country. This was done before also. First, Deve Gowda ji was discarded, and then came the turn of IK Gujaral. How the Congress, to save their own government, twice tried to buy support. Votes for notes — who doesn’t know this game?

Those who challenged the Congress party were also targeted. PM Modi gave examples of Bose, Morarji Desai, Chandra Sekhar, Pranab Mukherjee. PM Modi said “History is a witness. Look what happened to Bose, Morarji Desai, Chandra Sekhar, Pranab Mukherjee. They all tried to look eye-to-eye. Even Sharad Pawar tried. Look what happened.Talking about eyes. Those who talk about eyes, today, on TV, everyone is looking at the game of eyes”. This was a reply for Rahul Gandhi’s “eye-contact” remark.

PM Modi also said “today it was also said ‘you are not chowkidaar, you are bhagidaar’. We are bhagidaar of the aspirations of the youth! We are bhagidaar and we will remain bhagidaar. We are not thekedaar, we are not saudagar. We are bhagidaar, we are chowkidaar. We are proud of this!”.

Hansika Raj