Why Arnab Goswami is Considered the Best to Handle Traitors?!

Arnab who is well known for his high pitched, power packed news hours has again proved he is the best person to handle the Pakistani Doves who rant against India.

Whatever political affiliations Arnab may or may not have, but when it comes to debate on India, he is the person to be applauded. His striking message, blunt talk has made most Paki sympathiser shiver and run for cover. Even during the JNU Afzal Guru event, he was one person who openly called Kanhaiya Kumar and all his followers as Anti Nationals.

He did not spare even his colleagues who from NDTV, IndiaToday, CNN18 had brazenly supported the Afzal Guru event in JNU. Arnab direct attack came after most of the anchors from NDTV, Indian today and Indian Express had openly supported BurhanWani. Although he took no body”™s name, he had called them “ProPakiDoves” which had ignited a huge fight between Barkha and Arnab. Barkha had mocked Arnab for calling them “PakiDoves” and defended herself in the name of freedom of speech. But Arnab gave no ear to her dramatic letter but took even a stronger stand against the Pakistani Sympathisers.

After the recent Uri attack, the same people have now started blaming the Indian security forces and questioned their capability. Barkha Dutt even tweeted a controversial tweet questioning the timing of the attack since UNGA meet was just 2 days away. Inspite of the severe outrage against Pakistan”™s cowardly act some journos, separatists from Jammu-Kashmir and pseudo liberals have come in support of Pakistan.

Nawaz Sharif speech yesterday at UNGA openly endorsing terrorist Burhan Wani has definitely irked all Indians.

While Arnab Goswami in the prime time news was blasting the Pakistan PM for his illogical talk against India and encouraging cross border terrorism, Shabnam Lone, the daughter of Abdul Gani Lone of Kashmir and John Dayal started supporting Pakistan PM views on Kashmir, they shamelessly claimed that Indian forces are killing innocents in Kashmir.

Inspite of Arnab”™s repeated counter, they kept screaming against security forces and spoke about “AMAN KI ASHA” crap. It gave Arnab no option but to throw the lady out of debate, challenging her not to call herself Indian if she spoke for Pakistan. He even took on John Dayal, who is known to be a traditional Anti India hate monger who leaves no opportunity to insult India where ever possible.

Arnab today once again has ripped them apart and shown their place. He is infact speaking for Millions of Indians who want to Verbally SLAP all those so called Intellectuals and Liberals who in the name of Freedom of Speech are destroying the country.

How dare these people who take all benefits from India, carry Indian passport mock our Country?! If they feel India is not their country, they should immediately surrender their citizenship and leave. Indians have been too tolerant against such people, the support from many fake secular parties is the reason why they have grown so much.

India definitely has to curb these Anti-National lobbies if we want peace in Kashmir valley.

Aishwarya S