Why Boney Kapoor called his friend instead of a Doctor? Why there are no bruises on Sridevi’s body if she fell due to alcohol consumption?

Don’t think that the death case of legendary actress Sridevi has come to an end. The police has kept the mystery alive by saying that the probe has not yet ended. The police has even transferred the case to the Public Prosecutor Office.

Today, the Dubai Police released the forensic report that said “under the influence of alcohol, lost her balance. Fell into the bathtub and drowned”.

A doctor has a valid point that cannot be ignored!

  • If she “fell” then there must be bruises. if she fell face down then bruises on the face and forehead. If she fell backwards then contusion injury on the back of the head. We need to see the entire Post mortem report to know with some certainty.

This was the question raised by Sumanth Raman, Doctor and Healthcare IT Professional.

Why did husband Boney Kapoor call a friend instead of Doctor?

Soon after the report was out, the family friend of Sridevi, Mr Amar Singh said that she never consumed alcohol. Now, this has led to a new twist in the death case of Sridevi.

WATCH!!! Sridevi never consumed hard liquor says Amar Singh, Sridevi’s family friend!

If Sridevi didn’t consume alcohol, then how could there be alcohol in her body? Are there chances that someone had forcefully made her consume liquor and then drowned her in the bathtub? “Why the bathtub was full of water before Sridevi entered the bathroom?”, even this question is making rounds in the mainstream media.

Even Sridevi’s husband Boney Kapoor will be investigated and a question that is to be likely asked is why he didn’t call the doctor but called his friend. Khaleej Times editor Vicky Kapur said “There is no benchmark of how much time it could take. He (Boney Kapoor) may be asked for a statement as he was the last person to see her alive, it would not suggest that he is under investigation”.

Why the Hospital slip signed by ‘Preventive’ medicine dept, not Forensic dept?

“Autopsy report with “Drawning” is signed on behalf of Director of Preventive medicine? Not Forensic Medicine but Preventive Medicine? Is this certificate for real?” This point was raised by Dr Sumanth Raman.

The Dubai Media Office stated that, following the completion of post-mortem analysis, Dubai Police HQ today stated that the death of Indian actress Sridevi occurred due to drowning in her hotel apartment’s bathtub following loss of consciousness. Dubai Police has transferred the case to Dubai Public Prosecution, which will carry out regular legal procedures followed in such cases.

This has made it clear that there are suspicions revolving around the death of Sridevi? Few have raised questions on the size of the bathtub. It is apparent that it was infact a bathtub and not a swimming pool.

Author Taslima Nasreen raised suspicion saying “Healthy adults don’t drown in bathtubs accidentally”.

She, later on, tweeted “Do healthy women “accidentally” drown in their bathtubs?” and attached a link along with it.

Below, I have mentioned few of the points shared by her through that article. The article points towards alleged murder of Sridevi.

  • A man killed one wife by staging a “bathtub drowning,” got away with it even though no water was found in her lungs, then killed his second wife years later in much the same way. Only after the second death did anyone look carefully at the first case.
  • It must be said that there are adverse health conditions that can be triggered by long immersion in a hot tub, which can, in fact, contribute to drowning. But it is almost impossible to drown in a normal bathtub. Yet alleged death by drowning in the family bathtub remains a popular eraser killer ruse.

Hansika Raj