Did you know that Chanakya was poisoning his king Chandragupta everyday, not to kill him but to save his life from his enemies!

Since you got some sense into your mind, you knew that the word poison is a poison, and a poison is a synonym for death. But you will be astonished to hear that the Indian teacher, philosopher and the economist Chanakya, also known as Kauṭilya, used the poison to save the life of the king Chandragupta in order to protect him from his enemies.

Now to know this unique incident, we need to know what had happened 2000 years ago. There was a kingdom that was ruled by the robbers-turned-rulers. In this kingdom, there lived a young boy who had a canine teeth, and it indicated that the boy would become a king in the future.

This bothered his mother, not because her son would be a king but because of thinking that he would leave her after becoming a king. But the young boy didn’t want to hurt his mother, that’s why he broke his canine teeth.

After this incident, there was an alms-giving ceremony for Brahmins that was organised by the king Dhana Nanda. This young boy with broken teeth attended the ceremony but the king wasn’t pleased with his appearance and ordered his soldiers to throw him out of the assembly.

The boy who was thrown out of the assembly was none other than Chanakya. Angered by this insult, Chanakya  broke his sacred thread in anger, and cursed the king. Already not pleased with his looks, the king ordered his soldiers to arrest  Chanakya for his behaviour.

But Chanakya was successful in disguisng the soldiers by befriending Dhananada’s son Pabbata, and fled to the jungle. There he saw a young boy leading a group of kids, where he played the role of a king, while other boys pretended to be slaves, ministers and robbers.

The young boy who was playing the role of the king was none other than Chandragupta. Chanakya soon realized that with the help of this young boy, he could defeat the ruler, Dhana Nanda who insulted him. Not just Chandragupta, but Chanakya had another man in his mind who could dethrone Pabbata.

Pabbata was none other than Dhana Nanda’s son. That’s why Chanakya decided to test both Pabbata and Chandragupta. So, he gave an amulet to be worn around the neck with a woolen thread to both. One day he asked Pabbata to remove the woolen thread from Chandragupta without breaking and without waking him up.

But Pabbata failed, and Chanakya gave the same task to Chandragupta. Now Pabbata was sleeping and Chandragupta had to remove the woolen thread without breaking it and without waking up Pabbata. But Chandragupta retrieved the woolen thread by cutting off Pabbata’s head.

Impressed by this, Chanakya trained Chandragupta on his duties to be the king for the next 7 years. After few years, they attacked the Dhana Nanda but failed to capture. After realizing where they went wrong, Chanakya and the Chandragupta duo attacked the Nanda dynasty again and succeeded in killing Dhana Nanda.

Chandragupta’s life was at risk after he became the king!

Now Chandragupta was the new king and with Chanakya as his advisor, his strength increased day by day. But with new victories, Chandragupta made new and deadly enemies also. Chanakya assessed the danger; he even thought that the new king might even be poisoned to death.

That’s why Chanakya decided to add a pinch of poison to Chandragupta’s food to increase his immune to the poisoning attempts by the enemies. But neither Chandragupta nor the queen were aware of this strategy of Chanakya.

But one day the queen accidentally ate the food that was reserved for Chandragupta. Looking at this, Chanakya realized that the queen would die and that’s when he tried the unique method to save the child from the queen’s womb.

How Chanakya saved the child?

Chanakya cut off the queen’s head and cut open her belly with a sword to take out the foetus. Over the next seven days, he placed the foetus in the belly of a goat freshly killed each day. After seven days, Chandragupta’s son was “born”. He was named Bindusara, because his body was spotted with drops (“bindu”) of goat’s blood








This was how Bindusara was born. When Bindusara became the king, Chanakya remained his minister and advisor. But the relation between them faded away when a minister named Subandhu conspired between them and said Bindusara that his mother murdered by Chanakya.

Bindusara got angry on Chanakya after this and he even suspected on him. Hurt by this, Chanakya retired and decided to starve himself to death. When Bindusara realised the truth it was very late as Chanakya had already died.

Source: Wikipedia

Hansika Raj


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