Why Cow Slaughter represents regressive mindsets and bizarre ideologies

Provoking Hindu sentiments in India is not something new. Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti entered India along with the barbaric invader Muhammad Ghori. Moinuddin Chisti wanted Muhammad Ghori to fight Prithviraj Chauhan. Moinuddin Chisti and his followers used to bring a cow near a famous Hindu temple in Ajmer and slaughter the cow. They used to cook and eat kebabs from the cow meat to insult a majority of the locals, that were Hindus. Chisti who is considered as one of the greatest sufi saints in India, was nothing short of a barbaric Islamic fanatic.

Recent incidents of opposing the centre’s ban on Cow slaughter has shook the nation. Kerala was a state where beef was not even served when Portuguese explorer visited the state. Why change the tradition now? Now the pseudo-liberals might argue that it is their democratic right. True!

What if the same provocation was carried out by Hindus against people of other religions. I know that my Hindu brothers would never go to the extent of provoking people from other religions. But, why should Hindus always be targeted?

We see organisations like the PETA (People for ethical treatment of animals) oppose Jallikattu. But when a divine animal is openly slaughtered, the organisation goes missing. Right to food does not mean the right to kill or the right to slaughter.

Cow slaughter is definitely not a dietary choice. Even till today the main livestock in Saudi Arabia consists of Sheep (63%), Goat (30%), Camel (5%) and Cattle (2%). So how did this practice of consuming beef become a matter of national debate. Why are the minorities (muslims) in India, not happy with the Centre’s ban on Cow slaughter. They certainly cannot claim that it is an indispensable part of their diet.

When Hindus convert to Islam, why are they first fed beef? Beef, apart from being used as a provocative tool against Hindus, is also used to cut off Hindus & (Ex-Hindus) in some cases to cut them off their faith. The Islamic fanatics always displayed their barbarism by cutting off a Cow’s head and placing it near a Hindu temple to incite riots. Even in Kashmir, Pandits were warned about the coming danger. The Muslim fanatics used the Cow’s head as a tool before instigating riots.

Moinuddin Chisti was not spreading the word of peace. Provocation cannot be misconstrued for peace. I personally believe that some Hindus have been a let down. They have also joined hands with the secular brigade and made a mockery of the great Indian tradition. Eating beef just to provoke Hindu sentiments is a regressive mindset. Peace has to prevail without the practice of appeasement.

We live in a world where animals are slaughtered mercilessly for our personal benefits. Cows are slaughtered for the sake of fashion, food. The irony is that when there are other alternatives available, Why stick to something that hurts a majority of India. Are we that cruel?

We’re not. It’s just that some people have been brainwashed in such a way that they believe hurting others, is their ‘autocratic’ right. One of our great leaders & EX PM Lal Bahadur Shastri came up with the slogan of ‘Jai Jawan, Jai Kissan’. How can we ever forget the contribution of the soldier and the farmer. We need to be thankful for whatever food we get. This is not the stone-age that you get your hands on anything & everything and slaughter animals to display a brazen sense of superiority. Not right, fanatics!

Hinduism has a deep connect with the Holy cow. Since the age of Lord Krishna, Cows have been revered and protected. It’s not a mere animal. It’s a sentiment, a belief and most importantly a divine entity for Hindus. I use my democratic right to worship the Cow. How can anyone disrespect the the timeless tradition. Debates may come and go, but respect isn’t temporary.

You may have the right to eat. You don’t have the right to insult. Think before you eat the meat. Let’s stop with the provocation and work towards the betterment of our fellow beings. If a HC Judge claims that there are 33 crore Gods reside in the divine animal, he isn’t kidding. Let’s get back to ‘vikas’ and get over the regressive barbarism. Even animals would act better, if they had ‘democratic’ rights.

What is an India without the Hindu. What is it without respect for its very own ‘GOMATHA’.


Tony Joseph