Why did Congress party’s social media head Ramya vacate her house in Mandya, that too in the Midnight hour?

Not just the supporters of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, but even the common Indian citizens are angry at how the Congress party’s social media head Ramya a.k.a Divya Spandana has normalized the abusive culture in politics.

Now a sensational development has taken place after Ramya vacated her rental house in Mandya where she lived for years. This activity has taken place at midnight where she vacated her rental house and goods were shifted with the help of two lorries. It was said that she was aiming for a ticket from the same constituency (Mandya) but this development has baffled her voters.

Why the social media head of Congress party vacated her house, overnight!

Ramya had joined the Indian Youth Congress in the year 2012 and she became the Member of Parliament from Mandya constituency in Karnataka by winning the by-election in 2013. Since then she stayed in Mandya itself and promised to work for the people of Mandya. It is said that actor Ambareesh, who died recently, played a major role in her victory.

But after she became the MP, the care towards the constituency decreased gradually and thus she was defeated in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. Since then she was nowhere found in the constituency. Later she claimed that she had been abroad for her study purpose. That’s when she again rented a house in Mandya and promised to work for the people. And now she has vacated that house.

But when popular actor and politician Ambareesh who is called as Mandyada Gandu (Son of Mandya) expired, she didn’t even attend his funeral. This had angered the entire Mandya constituency, irrespective of which party they belonged to. The angered people had protested so strongly that police protection was provided to her residence.

After this act of her, even if she contests from Mandya in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls, it was 100 percent sure that she would face a pathetic defeat. Now people are saying that due to this fear, she has vacated her house.

Even though Ramya is a close aide of Rahul Gandhi, she is strongly opposed by the state Congress leaders. Once, Rahul Gandhi snubbed actor and politician Ambareesh on stage and this had angered the Kannadiags across the state.

There are even chances that Ramya might try to search for another constituency, perhaps in Bengaluru. But it is a very tough task to her. Previously she was in news after she was caught on camera instructing the Congress  party workers to create fake accounts to boost the party’s social media presence.

Source: Public TV

Hansika Raj


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