Why did former NDTV journalist Barkha Dutt mocked Rahul Gandhi using the word P****?

Since 1995, the Indian National Congress has been securing ‘moral victory’ in the state of Gujarat. As expected, even this time-6th term- the moral victory was secured under the leadership of newly elected Congress party president Rahul Gandhi.

Look at the optimism of few journalists who considered Rahul Gandhi-the man who led his party in almost 30 defeats. Editorials flooded with write-ups saying a leader has emerged who would defeat PM Modi in 2019. But NDTV journalist Barkha Dutt had a unique style of marketing Rahul Gandhi, that too in an International news portal.

Barkha Dutt wrote an article in washingtonpost.com titled”Rahul Gandhi is no longer the joke of India”. Here are few of the hilarious excerpts from her write-ups.

  • Now, no one is laughing at the Congress party. Just that fact alone gives Rahul Gandhi a small victory even in defeat.
  • The final vote score left the BJP tantalizingly short of the psychological threshold of 100 by just one seat — the BJP narrowly escaped defeat.
  • A year ago, while traveling through Uttar Pradesh, India’s most populous state, I (Barkha Dutt) met a Congress worker who wanted to talk to me about Rahul Gandhi. “Why do people keep saying ‘Pappu’ has failed,” he argued, “‘Pappu’ will pass with flying colors.”
  • He was constantly the butt of jokes on WhatsApp chats, online memes and comedy send-ups. In a country where an estimated 65 percent of the population is under the age of 35, the fact that he is 20 years younger than Prime Minister Narendra Modi should have been an advantage.
  • The “Pappu” tag was routinely used (and not just by his political opposition) to underline his lack of serious engagement with politics. He was sneered at for his oddly-timed vacations and long-drawn out sabbaticals at critical moments in domestic politics.
  • Unlike Narendra Modi, a tea-vendor’s son who is entirely self-made, Rahul Gandhi inherited his power.

In a hurry to praise Rahul Gandhi, journalist Barkha Dutt has completely exposed Rahul Gandhi front of international community. Barkha Dutt has revealed that Rahul Gandhi is known as “Pappu” in India and jokes are circulated in his name on various social media platforms. She even mentioned that Rahul Gandhi is a rich kid who frequently runs on foreign tour, unlike PM Modi who is hardworking.

Barkha Dutt was ripped apart by the Twitterati for this hilarious analysis!

  • Come on Barkha, Be fair! He tried to instigate caste conflict by financing caste cowboys, tried to spread anarchy in a peaceful n prosperous state! Lost to BJP 6th term after 22 years 6th time?! Lost Himachal just after 1st term! 27th loss, he is Pappu.
  • Expected you to be fair! He has now practically made a history of losing state after state! Loss of Himachal means Congress is now limited to 44 seats in LS and 3 states out of 33 in India! Most miserable state of affairs of Congress for the longest period of time!

Barkha Dutt, can you say how Rahul Gandhi won, even though PM Modi clean swept Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh?

“Joke will and always be on Pappu. U think the loss of Gujarat election made him better. Strange !!! Ppl praising him for loss. And degrading Modi even though – clean sweeping all the best. Heights of bootlicking”, said a Twitterati.

Hansika Raj


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