Why did PM Modi make a phone call to Rahul Gandhi? After knowing the reason, even the Congress karyakarthas will not stop themselves from loving PM Modi

Apart from visiting Italy and other foreign destinations, if in case Rahul Gandhi spends any time on Indian soil, he uses it to hurl abuses at PM Modi and his way of governance. He is in a deception that he needs to do it if he wants to become India’s next Prime Minister, which is a hypothetical situation.

But, an act done by PM Modi a couple of days ago has not just stunned the Indians but even shocked and surprised his political rivals. Yes, PM Modi had called the Congress party president. After knowing the reason, even the people who hate and abuse PM Modi will start respecting him.

After Flight snag, Congress President Rahul Gandhi gets a phone call from Prime Minister Narendra Modi!

PM Modi was all set to leave to China when he came to know that the flight in which Rahul Gandhi was travelling got a technical problem. It was at around 2:30 PM when PM Modi decided to call Rahul Gandhi and took a note at the situation. “It was a private conversation between the two (over phone). All the authorities concerned were informed about the plane developing snag. After that, the prime minister rang up Gandhi enquiring if he was fine”, said the sources.

This is what the democracy needs. Whatever might be the political difference, it shouldn’t get personal. But what has the Congress done? Even the DGCA had cleared that these kind of technical issues are common in a flight but the Congress decided to give a conspiracy angle it. “Snag of autopilot mode, pilot shifted to manual mode for safety, autopilot failure incidents are not uncommon,” said the DGCA.

However, the police decided to file a complaint under IPC sections 287, 336 and aircraft act section 11. It also sent a team of DGCA officials to Hubli as the flight had taken off from Hubli to Delhi. They will also check details in the black box to trace if Rahul Gandhi’s claims are true or not.

The Congress party had filed an FIR and gave a conspiracy angle. Its leader Kaushal K Vidyarthee, who is Rahul Gandhi’s close aide, said “the whole flight experience left all of us with anxiety and distress and positively fearing for their life. The crew was also petrified and admitted the plight was particularly frightening and uncommon”.

He went on to create a panic in the minds of the people by saying “It was apparent from the suspicious and faulty performance of the aircraft that the incident of shuddering and altitude dipping were not natural or weather-related but were due to some technical snags of the aircraft”. And at last, he pointed his gun towards his political rivals by saying “serious questions related to intentional tampering with the aircraft cannot also brush aside and are required to be investigated”.

Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis had met with such kind of flight mishaps 5 times but he never tried to score a political point. But Rahul Gandhi and team digs at each and every sensitive matter– even if it hurts the integrity of the nation– with a cunning agenda of gaining political mileage. This kind of mindset is deadly to India’s democracy.

Hansika Raj