Why did Sonia Gandhi hate the ‘Missile Man’ Abdul Kalam to the core?

He was not just respected but also immensely loved by the people. He has been the only President in history proved to be “the People’s President”. The President who opened the doors of Rashtrapati Bhavan for the common man. Who moved out of the 4 walls of the Bhavan and worked being present among the people!!

The nation respects this man who had given great thoughts to the world, none other than Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. He was an institution-builder and a team builder who always wanted to build a strong and self-reliant India. The president loved by every Indian citizen was hated by one lady in India – Madam Sonia Gandhi!!

India had many Presidents who came to throne and left but there had been none like Dr Kalam. We never felt he is in the position of India’s President. Instead he responded and behaved like a common man being among us. Having the most humble and the most down to earth personality, he could have never hurt anyone in his lifetime, nor been into any controversy or scams.

In spite of being the most renowned scientist and the honorable President of India, he never let the attitude of his position rule over him. Can you believe the man who did not let go of his duty until his last breath, the man who led a simple and a humble life, the man who earned nothing other than love and respect from Indians- he was literally hated by Madam Sonia Gandhi!!

Undoubtedly it was pure hatred. If it wasn’t hatred then why didn’t she let him grace the President’s throne for the 2nd time? When the whole nation was expecting to see him again on the President’s throne, why did Sonia Gandhi oppose it? Not once not twice, she refused Dr Kalam from being the president, for the three time as well.

Congress follows what Madam Sonia wants it to follow, doesn’t it? May it be people’s appeal, opposition or the opinion from her party members; it does not make any difference to her. She cares for only those who nod head to her decisions and those who do not express their opinions against her. She wanted someone to silently obey her decisions and this led her to choose former President Pratibha Patil over Dr Kalam.

The country that saw renowned leaders like Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Dr Abdul Kalam had to bare the rule of “Rubber stamp President” and “Robot Prime minister” only due to this congress party under Madam Sonia. We all are aware of the fact that, the so-called Madam of Congress always wanted to be the Prime Minister of India since the year 1995 but due to some reasons she could not succeed. After which she tried each and every trick to let her plan work. She had almost sat on the throne of UPA govt in the year 2004, when Subramaniam Swami dropped a missile of “Sonia Gandhi being a citizen of Italy” and she had to let go off the throne.

In the year 2002, she had opposed him from being the President and her first choice was R. Narayan to be the 2nd president of that period. The decision-making in the Congress, too, went into a tailspin, after it dawned on its leaders that Mr. Narayanan would not be willing to contest against Dr. Kalam, even if the Opposition remained united.

The party president, Sonia Gandhi, twice called informal meetings of the Congress Working Committee; the CWC met once in the morning but the evening meeting was “postponed.” And, in between, she had a visit from the senior CPI (M) leader, Harkishan Singh Surjeet. After the first CWC meeting, the party spokesperson, Jaipal Reddy, told newspersons that “Mr. Narayanan is still the party’s candidate. Our request is still pending”.

In his book “Turning Points: A Journey through Challenges” Dr.Kalam has included all these incidents. “That is when she told me that she would like to nominate Dr. Manmohan Singh, who was the architect of economic reforms in 1991 and a trusted lieutenant of the Congress party with an impeccable image, as the Prime Minister. This was definitely a surprise to me and the Rashtrapati Bhavan Secretariat had to rework the letter appointing Dr. Manmohan Singh as the Prime Minister and inviting him to form the government at the earliest.”


“During this time there were many political leaders who came to meet me to request me not to succumb to any pressure and appoint Mrs. Gandhi as the Prime Minister, a request that would not have been constitutionally tenable. If she had made any claim for herself I would have had no option but to appoint her”. Though Dr. Kalam has not revealed the truth that what actually led to Sonia give up with the throne. But we all know that who sat on the throne from the year 2004-2014 and who ruled the Congress party?

Some say that it was Rahul and Sonia Gandhi who stopped their mother from sitting on the PM’s throne. They feared that there would be threat to her life and they would lose her after the loss of Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi. If it is true that Madam Sonia will die if she sits on the PM’s throne, why is she trying to promote her son now? Isn’t Madam scared of losing her beloved son now? Or does this mean that she is taking the risk of losing her son?

The truth behind all this is known only 3 of them Madam Sonia, Dr.Kalam and Manmohan Singh. India had loved Dr. Kalam despite of his colour, creed, language and religion. Indians appreciated his love towards the nation and his character of humanity. But Madam Sonia satisfying her selfish motives cheated the nation from having such an eminent human as the President of India for the 2nd time.

“India’s missile man”, “People’s President”, “Bharath Ratna” Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam our heartfelt gratitude to you sir. You will always be remembered as the most prominent President of India. You reside in heart of India forever.