Why do pseudo secular parties support illegal Bangladeshis ignoring National security? here is the answer!

It is always a known fact that parties like Congress, TMC or left have shown special love towards illegal Bangladeshis or even Rohingyas though they very well know that they have caused a great National security concern. The real reason for their love towards all illegal immigrants is because they are used as vote banks to win elections.

During the 2018 Karnataka elections, there were reports of thousands of fake voter IDs being seized by police, later it was found that these cards were made for illegal Bangladeshis who reside in slums in Bangalore. There were also reports as to how illegal Rohingyas were being given AADHAR cards, voter IDS and ration cards which were being used for voting and getting government jobs.

We can well remember as to how Mamata Banerjee had openly spoke for Bangladeshis and said she will help them settle in West Bengal. So, is it coincidence that these pseudo secular parties support illegal immigrants for no reason? Absolutely no! They are supporting them only because they can be used for votes to win elections. Most of the illegal immigrants belong to Muslim community who by default will vote for parties like Congress, TMC or left and never to a Nationalist party like BJP which has strong Nationalist views.

As a proof to this, the West Bengal Police has busted a fake voter identity card racket in Bongaon city situated approximately 78 kilometres away from Kolkata.  Police received a tip-off about the Voter ID racket and raided a building in Paikpara area in Bongaon, located just four-and-half kilometer from the International Border with Bangladesh. Police said the main accused in the racket used sophisticated equipment to replicate the logo of the Election Commission and other government offices to produce fake Voter ID cards, Aadhaar cards, driving licence and passports.

One of the accused, Arup Biswas, was arrested and a large number of fake identity cards, documents and equipment were seized. Police also seized a computer, printer, few ATM cards and a fake Bongaon Municipality Trade license from his possession.

Police said during interrogation it was revealed that the racket was operating from Biswas’ house for more than a year. He used to attract new clients using middlemen and misleading advertisements. Biswas’ business allegedly attracted some officials who too wanted fake indentity cards. They then allegedly placed orders for a tranche of fake Voter ID cards for a hefty amount. The scamsters used to replace photos in scanned copies of documents, change the names and put fake photos on them. Finally, they used the sophisticated machinery to carefully place the original government seal before laminating them.

According to India Today report, these fake voter IDs were made only after an order was placed by some powerful politicians and officials in the government office. The police are now trying to identify the officials who ordered the fake IDs and the purpose behind it. The case gains importance because the racket was busted few kilometers away from the International Border.

The racket came to light a few months back when local police arrested Sourav Biswas, who was caught with fake Voter ID and Aadhaar cards. An unusually large number of fake ID cards were seized from his possession. Police suspect involvement of some unscrupulous elements in the district collectorate. In the past, intelligence inputs have highlighted that these fake identity cards were procured by Bangladeshi immigrants at a premium.

The police said that one of the reasons for such mass production of fake voter IDs could be using them for votes or could be a plot by terrorists to sneak into the country using fake IDs.

So, these are the people whom the politicians encourage and support putting the entire National security under serious threat. Let people decide whether they want more of these illegal Rohingyas, Bangladeshis in our country kidnapping, killing our people and help terrorists and turn the country into another Pakistan!