Why do students from JNU go missing mysteriously?

The Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi is always in the news for all wrong reasons. It was two years back in January 2016, the JNU became the hot topic for discussion after the students from left organisation chanted slogans against India and hailed terrorist Afzal Guru, the mastermind of 2001 Parliament attack.

The students from left Kanhaiya Kumar, Umar Khalid and their friends had made disgraceful comments against India calling Bharat Ke Thukde Honge, Bharat Ki Barbadi and demanded Azadi from India. JNU received massive criticism after the event with people demanding shut down of the University. Kanhaiya Kumar, Umar Khalid and many others were charged with sedition for provoking people against India.

Eventually many dark truths about JNU started to emerge which showed that the left organisations had not just turned the university into a political hub, but a drug and sex hot spot. Yes, when we researched into the matter, it was understood that JNU has been a hub of many illegal activities and the administration was totally helpless in the influence of left organisation. Many reports of rape, sex and drug supply were registered since many years. It was found that people were being lured with drugs and liquor in the campus for which many innocent students had become victims.

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JNU’s Hall Of Shame: RTI Reveals More Criminal Achievements than Educational.

An RTI application filed by Gopal Prasad in the central public relation’s office revealed that the University had most number of law breakers than any other university. There were more than 537 complaints filed on cases mostly on drug abuse, liquors, rape, misbehavior with fellow students, violence, blackmailing and holding protests without permission.

So, these incidents did not start after 2014, but have been since many years. These people propagate anti Nationalism in the university encouraging and supporting many radical organisations like PFI, SDPI, SIMI which work in tandem with ISIS and other terror organistaion. It is well known that Umar Khalid’s father was a leader in the banned terror organistaion SIMI. So their inclination towards terrorism is definitely not surprising.

Not all students get admitted in JNU, the University follows screening process in which students are asked provocative questions on Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, Kashmir problem and AFSPA in JK, Article 370. So based on their answers the students are more likely to get selected. The secret screening round in not officially recorded. Internal reports from many students suggest that their are many staff, teachers and professors who encourage students to chant anti India slogans and build a false narrative against the country.

This is a perfect example!

Many PhD students have revealed that teachers force them into supporting the cause of left organistaion if they want a degree. They say students join these left organisation either due to fear or pressure. They also say that many teachers here have taken sexual favours and have misused their positions a number of times. Students complaint that drug, sex and liquor is a trademark in JNU. After 10 PM the campus turns into a night club where many illegal activities takes place.

So, with such an environment, should we be surprised about students going missing and joining ISIS camps?

Just recently, we heard Mukul Jain, enrolled in Life Sciences course went missing. This incident occurred just few months after a student called Najeeb Ahmad went missing from the University. Najeeb was studying MSc Biotechnology in JNU and went missing from the Mahi-Mandvi hostel of the university on October 15, 2016. It is said that he had a fight with few fellow students before he disappeared. He was seen boarding an auto lastly.  His mother moved the Delhi high court, seeking directions to the police to trace her son. But until now the police have found no clue about his whereabouts.

A report in Times of India had said that Najeeb had searched for ISIS information from his laptop before his disappearance. He is said to have watched many ISIS youtube videos.

Now, another boy Mukul Jain missing case has put serious doubts on the environment in JNU. The big question is, why so many missing cases are reported only from JNU and not from other colleges?! why and where can a student possible go without informing anyone?

The police needs to take the case seriously and find the real reason behind the disappearance of these students.

Aishwarya S