Why Godhra is a hot hub for violence and riots than any other place in Gujarat?!

Godhra is a small town in the state of Gujarat. This town was not known to many people until 2002. But on 27 February 2002, the country witnessed one of the most tragic event in this town which changed the dynamics of Gujarat forever. It changed the lives of many and dented the image of the city forever.

On February 27, 2002, a mob of around 1500 Muslims attacked the train killing 59 Hindu pilgrims who were returning from Ayodhya. The train bogeys which were occupied by Hindu pilgrims were torched by this violent mob which resulted in the death of 59 innocents. The pilgrims were charred to death in the night of 27 February. This incident triggered the violent repercussions from the Hindu community which turned out to be one of the worst communal riots in Gujarat.

The entire country spoke about these riots and mainly blamed the Hindu community for initiating the riots, what they conveniently forgot was the trigger of burning 59 Hindus alive in the train. While any sort of violence in condemnable, one should first analyse the facts if they really want to put an end to such incidents. But obviously, the Godhra riots was seen more of an opportunity for the opposition which wanted to dethrone Narendra Modi who was then the Chief Minister of Gujarat.

For over 15 years, he was relentlessly targeted from every tom, dick and harry and most of the so-called seculars even built a magnificent career for themselves blaming Modi. People who opposed or spoke against Modi were offered a hefty position in governments, big companies, given bungalows, car, money and what not?! Numerous cases were filed against Modi and Amit Shah for over a decade and was made to look like a villain. But none of the cases against them could prove their involvement in Godhra Riots and Narendra Modi was given clean chit by all courts. However not many know that most of the people who got convicted for Godhra riots were from Congress party. They all held top positions in the Congress and were close aide of the BIG family in 10 JP.

Mehmud Hussain – Godhra municipality president and Convenor of Congress district minority Cell

Salim Abdul Ghaffar – Panchmahal youth Congress

Abdul Rehman  -Congress worker

Farroukh Bhana – Secretary of District Congress committee

Haji Bilal – Congress worker

But how many channels reported this? These people are said to have had long-time connections with Islamic radical elements who were very much involved in conversion and support to terrorists. The Muslim domination of the area was one of the main reason that Godhra had many such radical elements who were involved in causing various riots and communal tension in the town. The Godhra is one of the few towns in Gujarat which is a Muslim majority place. Here the Hindus are in minority and the Muslim community has been very dominating for decades.

After Independence the Muslim community in Godhra wanted a Muslim league to rule them and not a democratic India. They insisted to adopt Pakistan as their country during which the Congress had convinced them to stay back with a promise of providing a Muslim rule in the area. Since then, the entire Godhra has been a hub for radical elements and jihadi supporters who are mainly responsible for various communal riots in Gujarat.

Mostly these news never come out as it doesn’t favour the pseudo secular narrative of many political parties and media houses. But it is a fact that even today Godhra supports many such radical elements who have turned a threat to the society.

Aishwarya S