Why Hamid Ansari didn’t want to rescue the RAW agent who was captured and tortured in Iran?

The nation has not yet forgotten the words of Mr Hamid Ansari. He said that Muslims are insecure in India.  By saying this, he thought that he was successful in projecting Hindus as intolerant. But he has insulted the great nation called “India” which made him a vice-president for ten years.

Hamid Ansari betrayed RAW agent?

Don’t be shocked to hear this as it is not a wild allegation. This has been revealed by a former RAW official R K Yadav.

RAW Officer Mr D.B Mathur was kidnapped when he was returning back to his home in Iran. But it was shocking to see Mr Hamid Ansari’s reaction, who was the ambassador in Iran. The officials where tensed after their agent went missing but Ansari chose not to escalate the issue of kidnapping of an officer.

Later even the RAW staffs started questioning Ansari’s behaviour and slammed him for his ignorant behaviour. But finally, when Atal Bihari Ji came to know about this, he pressurised the then PM Narasimha Rao govt. Due to Atal Ji’s timely reaction, the Indian Government took necessary steps to trace the missing officer.

Finally, Ansari was forced to approach Iranian govt to bring back Mathur who had been kept in Tehran’s prison and was severely tortured. Later Mr. Ansari made Mr. Mathur a scapegoat and asked him to leave Tehran within 72 hrs. After this incident, Mission staff became very insecure due to callous attitude of Ansari.

Sitaram Yachury was instrumental in Ansari’s appointment as Vice-president, says Mr Yadav. We know how much Mr Yachury and his party have contributed to India.

The book titled “Mission R&AW” was published by R K Yadav and has revealed some of the most hidden information. The book also says that in 1995 when six foreign tourists had been kidnapped by J&K militants, RAW’s Aviation Research Centre had located the place where they were kept and Special Frontier Force was kept ready for a rescue operation. However, a detailed note sent to the PMO was not communicated to the then Congress PM Narasimha who was on a visit to South India. On his return two days later, he gave his consent for an operation but then the terrorists had changed the location.

Other questionable act of Hamid Ansari!!!

In 2006, while serving as chairman of the National Commission for Minorities, he criticised comments made by Pope Benedict XVI as anti-Islamic. In 2005, Ansari questioned the Indian government’s decision to vote against Iran’s nuclear program in the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

He had even refused Aarti at Dussehra event and had even skipped Yoga on World Yoga Day. But after doing all these, he felt that Muslims are insecure in India.

Nishika Ram