Why hasn’t Sonia Gandhi vacated the 10 Janpath bungalow even after she resigned as party president?!

In our country, if everyone follows one common rules, the Gandhis have their own rules and law which is very different from all.
They get bail in 8 minutes even after looting thousands of crores, while common man has to wait for years for petty thefts. Robert Vadra who doesn’t hold any official posts in government or hasn’t even won a municipal elections gets special VIP pass in all airports. This man who has been accused in various scams, loot and tax frauds is treated a VIP while honest man will have to stand in queues in airports and undergo security check.

The Gandhis consider themselves as the Monarchs of the country who needs to get every facility even though they don’t deserve. Sonia Gandhi stays in a Bungalow which is bigger than the one Prime Minister stays. The 10 JP bungalow is one of the biggest house which was has been occupied by the Gandhi family since decades.

The 10 JP was first given to Late Prime Minister Sri Lal Bahadur Shastri after he succeeded Jawaharlal Nehru. It was during the time when Rajiv Gandhi was the Prime Minister he allocated the 10 Janpath for him. But he chose to stay in 7 Race Course Road (Lok Kalyan Marg). The 10 JP was used by Rajiv Gandhi for his party work and it remained in his name. But after Rajiv Gandhi’s death and V P Singh government came to power, the 7 RCR was made the official residence of the Prime Minister.

Sonia Gandhi should have then vacated the 10 Jan Path as she was not entitled to stay in a Bunglow which was allocated for a Prime Minister.
But the Gandhis played the victims card as they always do and kept the bungalow using Rajiv Gandhis name. Later when Sonia Gandhi became the President of Congress she got a good excuse to retain the Bungalow.

Rahul Gandhi who also became an MP in 2004 was allocated another Bungalow with higher grade than what an MP is entitled to get.

It was not just with Rahul and Sonia Gandhi, but Priyanka Vadra and her husband Robert Vadra were also given Bungalows in the heart of Delhi even though they did not officially hold any government position.

The rent for these huge bungalows is given by government which is nothing but tax payers money. These Bungalows have more than 6-7 rooms, conference and meeting halls, gym and recreational facilities, huge lawn and parking for multiple cars. The Bungalows also have servants, maids, cooks and gardeners who are all paid by government. The rent of these houses is over 5 lakh and apart from rent the maintenance cost itself crosses over 20-30 lakh every year.

Imagine the amount of tax payers money which is spent on maintaining our VIPs.

If you think that these privileges end here, then you are wrong. The mother of Robert Vadra Maureen Vadra was also given a Bungalow and security cover secretly in the National Capital for almost 10-12 years even though she was no way related to India or Indian government. All the expenses were paid by the government of India for almost 10 years which nobody knew. It was only after Modi government came to power she was made to vacate the Bungalow.

But now the big question is why is Sonia Gandhi is still holding the 10 Janpath house even after she relinquished as the President of the Congress party?!

She is an MP just like all the other 542 MPs who have been given the MP Bungalows and not a Bungalow which was meant for the Prime Minister of India. The Congress also holds another party office at Akbar road which should have been vacated 6 years back according to the directions of the Supreme court after the Congress party was allocated a new land for their party office. But since 6 years the congress has not vacated the Bungalow and is trying to snatch the government’ s land.

This is exactly why we say the Nehru Gandhi family considers themselves as the Monarchs of India and think that no law or rule applies to them.
While the entire country respects the Constitution and it’s rules, these people think they are above constitution and nobody can ever question them.

Aishwarya S


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