Why Home Minister Amit Shah must be lauded for designating Dawood Ibrahim a terrorist

Under the recently amended UAPA act centre has designated Masood Azhar, Hafiz Saeed, Zaki-ur-rehman and Dawood Ibrahim as terrorists.

To designate a person as ‘terrorist’ was the amendment brought about. Before there was provision only to brand a terrorist organisation.

PM Modi have repeatedly told that his government will nab Dawood Ibrahim.

Why Dawood’s case is different from that of other terrorists? Let’s see,

First point first, Dawood was an Indian, born in independent India, he was much like any of us Indian citizen until 1986 when he fled to Dubai, he was tipped of by some politician in Maharashtra government and the 1993 serial bomb blasts in Mumbai, His nefarious side was on display to the world.

Dawood, From being an ordinary criminal operating in the streets of Bhendi Bazaar he has emerged as an international don who is being liberally used by the ISI for its operations on Indian soil.

He fled to Dubai and flourished there. The “nab Dawood” whispers probably started only after the 1993 Mumbai blasts.

In 1986, Dawood was such a romanticised figure in India, most Indians wanted him to get away to safety.

He was so greatly romanticized that once a journalist had pointed out the ambivalence as, So great is Dawood that he deserves the Bharat Ratna! But after getting the award, he should promptly be hanged.”

The politicians simply didn’t have the political will to go after him. Those in power, who could have nabbed him, were either in terms with him or they were simply paid off. So the underworld don proceeded without even having ounce of guilt. He lived in a lavish, well-guarded house in Karachi and operated his business and funds out of Dubai.

No one really wanted to nab Dawood. Nobody really tried. Nobody cared.

The close link between Dawood and the Pakistani government is very obvious. Pak diplomats in London are preventing the extradition of Junaid Motiwala, Dawood’s key narcotics smuggler, to the U.S. The FBI had done a sting operation against Motiwala in Karachi and has gathered a mass of evidence about drug smuggling operations.

Here in India, bollywood was already in Dawood’s pocket. Silently kept feeding anti hindu sentiments through movies and made movies after movies on the underworld dons of Mumbai, whose direct reference can be drawn to Dawood. The movies projected him as a celebrity and a generation of Indian youngster do not even realised the horror he unleashed on the country.

Amidst these depressing efforts from. Politicians to even seriously try to nab Dawood, the fresh breath of air came as his properties in Dubai were put under seize thanks to the efforts by PM Modi.

In election rallies, PM Modi repeatedly stressed about how ‘Naya India’ believes in ‘ghar pe ghus ke maarna’, i.e India will not shy away from hitting the enemy even in their own backyard, This was in reference to the Balakot airstrike but it may have had its effect on most-wanted terrorist Dawood Ibrahim too.

If Intelligence sources are to be believed, the result of the recent 2019 Lok Sabha elections in India has made Dawood Ibrahim, ‘very afraid’ and insecure. Reportedly, during interaction with ISI, Dawood mentioned Modi’s growing popularity and serious concerns about India’s growing ties with countries like America and Israel.

Now that centre has labeled him a terrorist, we can expect crackdown on Dawood’s front men in real estate, stockbroking, commodity trading, financial services, forex trade and other legit businesses in Mumbai and other cities. The Intelligence Bureau has minute details of these “white businesses” of Dawood. The IB even taped a conversion between a builder associate of D gang and a Lashkar e Tayyaba operative near Lahore. A large cluster of real estate project is known to be sponsored by D company.

Dawood is ferried in VIP jets by the ISI to safe houses across Pakistan. In fact, he is on first name terms with Imran Khan and several Pakistani army generals. It may be difficult to counter him on Pak soil, but certainly, it is possible to liquidate his vast business empire in Mumbai and also take into custody politicians who are on his payroll.

India has always followed a ‘loud mouth’ policies and did very little to achieve the goal set. The collective blunders, starting from Mahatma Gandhi, nehru, indira gandhi  we have seen lack of stern decision which could punish pakisthan for harboring terrorist.

Even during Atalji, the Indian air force had to take sharp turn to avoid crossing borders because such was the order received by them.

Now we have a government, shich avenged Uri, conducted Balakot air strikes, abolished article 370, finally it has shown us that action speaks louder than words and brought an amendment to UAPA. It is said that NSA is busy planning out Doval- Dawood project, but there are not even whispers to confirm it.

Theodore Roosevelt’s popular quote goes as- “Speak softly, carry a big stick, you will go far”

If we are not hearing anything on any planning we can be confident, this government will deliver!!!

Dr Sindhu Prashanth


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