Why Indian media hates Arnab but India doesn’t !!

It”™s common for us to see fights, arguments among political parties in prime time news and especially in TimesNow with the anchor Arnab leading the argument. But what we saw last week was different from the routine. It was not fight between political parties but rather a fight between media houses.

The argument was initiated by Arnab Goswami on Kargil Vijay Diwas where he questioned the Pseudo Liberals in the media who rallied behind the terrorists Burhan Wani and ridiculed the Indian Army for killing him. Some of the leading news papers made Burhan Wani has their profile picture on FB. A lady anchor from NDTV depicts him as a local hero son of a school teacher when reports have revealed that he was clearly a terrorist.

Following the developments, Arnab Goswami dared to raise the issue in prime time news and called those Pseudo Liberals “ProPakiDoves” and certainly expressed the sentiment of million Indians. He pointed out the same gang had previously supported the Anti-India league in JNU which chanted “Bharat Ki Barbaadi” and had opposed the hanging of terrorists Yakub Menon. Although Mr.Goswami did not mention anyone”™s name some of the anchors from NDTV and India Today have gone berserk and have united against him. They have been relentlessly writing articles, blogs and tweets targeting Goswami. Indian Express in an article mocks Goswami and calls him a clown saying he will not be welcomed in Pakistan and will not be offered tiniest kebab. Isn”™t laughable to wonder that Goswami is expecting an invitation and kebab from Pakistan!!!

Some of these people want Arnab Goswami to be booked as they claim he instigated people against certain media. So question is….If Hafiz sayeed, a terrorist praises you openly in an interview should you be called Nationalist? If you say killing a terrorist is extra judicial should you be called a Patriot? If you are supporting ISI which has been directly responsible for killing of thousands of our jawans and causing violence in Kashmir should you support them and remain silent? If you hold an Indian passport and support the views of an enemy country supplying terrorists to India should you not expose them??

PakiDoves giving bizarre reasons for their support to Pakistan now wants Goswami to call Home Minister Rajnath Singh anti national for attending SAARC meet in Pakistan. Whether these Pseudo liberals initiated fight with Arnab to distract the issue of them being praised by Hafiz Sayeed or in desperation of losing their TRP and relevance, they have exposed themselves badly and officially proved themselves as ProPakiDoves!

Today a strong message has to be sent to these Masked Traitors that we stand with Arnab Goswami, the man who daringly exposed the fake journalists, pseudo intellectuals and terror sympathisers. Nationalist trending Arnab Goswami for almost 6hrs with over 40K tweets should give a clear warning to those people targeting him that India stands with those who stand with India!

-Aishwarya S