Why is Barkha Dutt Rattled About Right Wing Social Media Activists???

“All those burning Pakistan flags deserve to be butchered!” warned Pervez Musharraf to Baluchistan freedom fighters in his recent interview to India Today! A clear message of death threat to the rebels with mincing no words! In the times when the world knows about Baluchistan Atrocities crossing all limits of endurance, the words of forced patriotism sound too harsh!

Here, in India, nobody dares exhibit such extreme nationalism as Musharraf does in Pakistan! In fact, here, Nationalists are  labeled as Saffron Terrorists!  There is a section of people called Pseudo-Seculars who rant anti-India discourses under the shield of FoS  while those expressing nationalistic views are called intolerant!

These Pseudo Seculars are powerful group of Politicians, Journalists and NGOs! Hence their attack on Nationalists is massive! Paid Media uses its access to hit gullible viewers and readers to push the propaganda down their throats! Remember how Rahul Gandhi  and Kejriwal supported FoS of JNU lot to shout “Bharat ki barbadi” louder? And who can forget Barkha’s role in making a hero out of a man booked under Sedition Charges? Channels like NDTV, AajTak, India Today put their best efforts to reduce the hostile atmosphere against anti-national forces and create a soft corner for them!

But when a nationalist uses FoS, he is called Intolerant! I wonder if the slogans of ‘Bharat tere tukde honge’ (India, You will be broken into pieces!) are Freedom of Speech, then why not Kamlesh Tiwari’s Anti-Prophet statement? If anyone, it’s Nationalists whose voices are suppressed!

Right from famous figures like Arnab Goswamy and Sudhir Chowdhary to the the prominent and influential Twitter handles, all the nationalists are harassed by the pseudo secular gang! Arnab Goswami is facing the brunt of hostile paid media for thrashing anti-national elements and  their sympathizers on his popular show, ‘The News Hour’!  Nationalistic approach and Pride for Nation has made Arnab a target of abuse from his colleagues like Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep Sardesai and their likes! The popularity of his show adds to the disparagement!

Now coming to Twitterati, if you are anti-Modi, anti- BJP or anti-RSS, you can cross all the limits of decency! You can call our PM Coward, Psychopath, Murderer, Feku ! You can joke vulgarly about Smritiji ! If you are against Indian Army, you can call them rapists, lazy, corrupt, uneducated and what not! If you are anti-Hinduism, you can ridicule their Gods, Goddesses, customs and traditions to your heart’s content!  If you are pro-Pakistan, you can lend them your support wholeheartedly! As I said, Freedom of Expression, by and large! Feel free! No fear of any legal action or account suspension!

Now let’s look into Nationalists’ fate!

In the recent times, Madhu Kishwar’s Twitter handle was suspended after her Critical Tweet about National Congress Party and their leader Sharad Pavar! NCP had linked the Uri Terror attack to Communal Violence! Madhur Kishwar’s twitter handles was also made to suspend by this gang for exposing the Sanjiv bhat.



Prominent Twitter Handles went through the harassment of the highest order by the Paid media agents like Barkha Dutt, Swati Chaturvedi and team for thrashing anti-national elements of JNU lot. She was falsely defamed by them as sharing doctored videos of JNU students raising anti-national slogans!

Recently a fading journalist, Swati Chaturvedi @Bainjal started propaganda against Modi supporters calling them with names and indulged in Character assassination by spreading lies is as easy as that!






Swati Chaturvedi, known for her foul abusive language on Twitter had to taste her own medicine when a Nationalist Bollywood singer Abhijeet thrashed her for her anti-national views through an abusive tweet! She booked an FIR against him! The so-called liberal Journalist gets intolerant and vicious when the big twitter handles expose and slam her!

Recently, she also passed derogatory and personal remarks on an Influential Twitter handle named ‘Bhak Sala’ (Rahul Raj). She stooped a new low when she tagged his employer complaining of the misdeeds of his employee! A journalist and her idea of Freedom of speech!


Now Barkha Dutt has been threatening the postcard.news team for questioning her irresponsible reporting in sensitive LoC regions.

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Doesn’t this count for intolerance?? Or Is Freedom of Speech patented by the Sickular brigade?? Just because they are in media does it mean they are answerable to NONE??

We have seen unending threats and bluffs being spread on social media against all those who question Anti Nationals and pseudo liberals.

So, Nationalists, beware! Nationalism is not a path of roses! Anti-national elements are powerful enough to dampen your warrior’s spirit! But united we stand! Don’t quit! A man abused, ridiculed, defamed and trolled by this Sickular Brigade for more than a decade, became Prime Minister of India! That’s the power of Truth and Unity!

Jyothi Suparna Chincholi