Why is Rahul Gandhi making a man who is accused of leading mob during Anti Sikh riots the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh!

After Congress won the 3 state elections, the Gandhi family is an huddle to announce the Chief Minister for all states. The Gandhi who invited Priyanka, Sonia and probably the smallest member of their family, Priyanks’s son to decide who should be CM has apparently forgot about all those Congress MLAs opinion for consideration.

But in a bizarre decision, the Congress has decided to reward Kamal Nath who is accused of playing key role in leading violent mob during Anti Sikh riots which resulted in the death of hundreds of innocent Sikhs Making him as the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, the Congress has literally mocked the sentiments of the Sikhs.

Kamal Nath who is considered as the most closed aid of Gandhi family was called the third son of Indira Gandhi. After Indira Gandhi’s assassination, the Congress lead a massive role in organising the Anti Sikh riots as a revenge against killing of Indira Gandhi. Then Rajiv GAndhi had made a shocking statement defending the genocide of Sikhs saying “When a Big tree falls, earth shakes” which implied that killing of Sikhs was justified.

Kamal Nath is said to have played a crucial role leading a mob of 4000 people who ordered them to burn the Sikhs alive and rape their women and children. As a result, hundreds and thousands of Sikhs were burnt alive, killed and raped on the streets of Punjab. A witness of this incident in Sanjay Suri who is a journalist of Indian Express. He says, on 01 Nov 1984, a mob of 4000 attacked Gurdwara Rakabgunj. Two sikhs, father and son, were burnt alive.

H S Phoolka, who is the Supreme Court lawyer and AAP leader who has spent years fighting court battles for victims of the 1984 riots, stated that there was ‘strong evidence’ of Kamal Nath’s role in the riots.

Akali Dal MLA from Delhi Manjinder Singh Sirsa had earlier threatened for a nation-wide protest if Kamal Nath was chosen as the MP CM. He had also demanded that Punjab CM Captain Amarinder Singh resign from his post if Nath was chosen.

BJP Delhi spokesperson, Tajinder Bagga also threatened to go on hunger strike if Kamal Nath is made the CM.

The Congress is under severe target for their decision on making Kamal Nath as CM of MP. But the irony here is, Congress doesn’t seem to care for people’s opinion and making someone CM who doesn’t even belong to Madhya Pradesh. He is also the same person who had instructed his people to divide Hindu votes and make sure all Muslims vote for Congress.

RVS Mani who was the Home Secretary during the UPA government, had claimed that Kamal Nath had said people were ready to drink Rahul’s mutra to get position in Congress.

This is the kind of man Rahul Gandhi and his team has selected as the Chief Minister of Madhya pradesh.

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